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For romantics, Valentine’s Day may conjure fond memories of everything from elementary school creativity with glue sticks and paper hearts to creative wedding proposals. Whether you’re on team romance or think that Valentine’s Day is a commercial profit machine, at least we can likely agree that the holiday now gives creative cannabis brands an opportunity to  engage with their consumers in fun ways.

Here are ten of our favorite cannabis-inspired or cannabis-inclusive Valentine ideas brought to you by savvy producers:

1. CannaStyle – Lovable Accessories

CannaStyle Valentine’s Day lineup includes bongs, cones, and cannabis accessories themed with hearts, candies, and more hearts.  The clever addition of cannabis-cultured imagery to traditional hearts and flowers should appeal to a wide range of gift-givers who have cannabis lovers in their lives–in both senses of the phrase.

2. High on Love – Chocolate Body Sauce 

High on Love gets real saucy with this product, a limited-release that’s sure to appeal to lovers’ creative sides. The dark chocolate body paint is infused with 100 mg of THC and comes with an elegantly-designed heart-shaped glass bottle and paintbrush for application. This Valentine’s product appeals to a wide audience as it is vegan and requires no heat or refrigeration – just a willingness to get a little messy this holiday. 

3. The COLA LoungeLove Buzz event

The COLA Lounge hosts the Love Buzz event on February 13th, with a full course meal of infused delectables and special surprise gifts for cannabis-loving romantics. Marketed as an ‘immersive experience of weed and romance’, the COLA Lounge has nailed what every stoner couple could ask for: tasty food (or as they call it, sexy nosh), rose blunts, and infused bubbly. 

4. Baked BrosInfused Syrups

There’s nothing like showing love through home-baked goods and Baked Bros syrups make it easy to infuse sweets with love and THC. The company provides a library of creative recipes for whipping up romance.  Baked Bros is already a well-known brand, but their continued introduction of new products and recipes adds value and allows consumers to experiment — a real draw for those who get creative after consuming cannabis.  

5. Foria  – The Quickie Kit

Foria’s Quickie Kit includes bestsellers from their Intimacy Collection, including their arousal oil and intimacy lubricants.  Foria has been a leader in cannabis-intimacy products, and their unapologetic and apropos product names like “Quickie Kit” are formulated and marketed for what the name suggests.  

6. BEST Dispensary in Mesa, AZLovers Luxe Boxes  

Mesa, Arizona’s Best Dispensary offers Lovers Luxe boxes in his and hers “Mary Jane” and “Mary John” versions, each with 4 unique THC products. 

The Mary Jane box includes Sublime cannabis-infused bath soaking salt, an infused chocolate bar, Stoni Yoni intimate oil, and a Best Dispensary pre-roll. The Mary John box includes a bag of Sublime chili-lime infused popcorn, a bottle of Keef infused cola, an iLava Feel roll-on topical, and a Best Dispensary pre-roll. The  “something for everyone” product selection encourages buyers to experiment with edibles, flower, topicals, and personal intimacy products – all in one bundle. 

7. Dosist – Arouse Pen

Arouse by Dosist is a 10:1 THC to CBD pen designed to awaken the senses and stimulate the mind. Users tout it as good for sensory enhancement, mood elevation, and energy. The Dosist line continues to market effects and dosage as their main points,  in keeping with the trend of highlighting wellness and results over THC content and strain types. 

8. House of Saka – PINK

The House of Saka was an early entrant into the infused beverage industry, with cannabis-infused wine sourced from grapes in the Napa Valley. Although these bottles are alcohol-free, they’re infused with a soothing ratio of THC to CBD and flavor-modeled after popular wines such as pinot noir, chardonnay, or pinot meunier. Modeled on a full-bodied pinot noir, PINK should appeal to cannabis enthusiasts who want to surprise a date with something new and special.

9. Lowell Farms – Heart Shaped Box

If you want to add a stoner twist to a Valentine’s Day classic, check out Lowell Farms’ Heart-Shaped, Box complete with three one-gram pre-roll inserts of the brand’s signature strains. Lowell Farms’ iconic goat graces the packaging, saving the product from any hints of saccharine. 

10. High on LoveIntimacy Collection

High on Love has found its niche with a full line of intimacy products: bath oils, massage candles, and stimulating oil. High on Love’s offerings are decidedly feminine and their logo and color schemes will appeal to the fast-growing and often neglected female demographic.  

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