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The lack of an across-the-board organic certification for cannabis has long troubled brands and consumers alike. These days, more farms are solving the problem by getting clean Clean Green Certification, a process largely congruent with USDA organic certification and certainly just as rigorous. For consumers who want to buy organic cannabis in Seattle, Tacoma, Yakima, or any other locale in the great state of Washington, these widely available Clean Green Certified brands are a good way to go.

Gold Leaf

A family-run business Gold Leaf specializes in top shelf flower and concentrates with elegant branding. Their popular products include Leira Cannagars and hash rosin made in conjunction with POLAR ICETRACTS. You can find Gold Leaf products in dispensaries across Washington state, including Have a Heart, Evergreen Market, Lux Pot Shop, and Freedom Market.

Millenium Green

Minority and woman-owned Millenium Green produces affordable hand-trimmed flower that’s 100% chemical free. Their featured strains include Cenarius, CBD Dream, and Critical Jack. You can find Millienium Green products at numerous Washington pot shops, including Emerald Leaves, The Joint, The Reef, and Natural Blessings Cannabis.

Two Heads

Based in Raymond, Washington, Two Heads produces flavorful solvent-free dabs and cartridges made from pesticide-free weed. Their featured products include Diamonds & Sauce and Sugar Wax. Two Heads can be found at tons of Washington dispensaries, including The Hidden Bush, The Root Cellar, and Western Bud.

Green Revolution

An MSO dedicated to providing high-quality wellness products, Green Revolution covers all the bases with edibles, tinctures, topicals, concentrates, beverages, and vape supplies. They are known for their Wild Side beverages and Doozies fruit chews. Green Revolution products can be found at Dockside Cannabis, Herban Legends, and over 100 other Washington weed shops.

Lazy Bee Gardens

Growers of award-winning flower, Lazy Bee Gardens is known for its minimally trimmed colas. These buds are sun grown in permaculture beds without chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides, making Lazy Bee a great choice for the environmentally conscious stoner. The growers are famous for their Jack of Spades and Grandma Anderson’s cookies. The brand is available at many locations across the state, including Bud Hut, Green Lady Marijuana, and High Society.


Known for top shelf dabs and cartridges, MFUSED donates 5% of their annual profits to charity; consumers get to help decide where the money goes. Popular products include strain-specific distillate and ARSON THC and CBD topicals. MFUSED products can be found at Have a Heart, Kush Mart 99, and many other Washington pot shops.


Sun grown in the Okanogan, CannaSol shows an impressive commitment to organics and to a low carbon footprint. Their bud is grown with all organic nutrients; organic inputs that can leave residue, such as neem oil and sulfur, are never sprayed during the flowering period. Their brands include Florigen Organics, Columbia Natural, Sol Extracts, and Mother Superior edibles. You can buy CannaSol cannabis at dispensaries across Washington state, including American Mary, Cascade Herb Company, The Reef, Bud Commander, and The Weed Shack in Hoquiam.

Puffin Farms

A family-owned business on the Yakima River, Puffin Farms is rooted in a belief that sungrown tastes better and terroir is vital to flavor. They are known for a wide range of products, including hand-trimmed flower, Extra Virgin Flower Oil, and handcrafted topicals. Their products are available at dispensaries across Washington state, including Chimacum Cannabis, Herbn Elements, and The Novel Tree.

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