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Wondering where to find organic weed in Nevada? Curious about which Nevada cannabis brands are organic? As you are probably aware, the USDA organic label can’t be used on a product that is illegal in the eyes of the federal government. Created in 2004, the Clean Green program is a solid alternative. Cannabis business operators are allowed to use the Clean Green Certification to let retailers and consumers know they’re looking at products that are grown using organic and sustainable methods. (EnvirOganic and Certified Kind are similar certification agencies.) Here’s a list of some of the Nevada cannabis farms and brands that are certified organic by one or more of these agencies. 

Fleur aims to “grow the best weed ever, bro.”

fleur cannabisFleur’s Clean Green Certified cultivation facility incorporates no-till living soil and Korean natural farming methods, which involve creating organic composts and fertilizers in-house from their own plant material, as well as organic fruit sourced from local farmers, and a plethora of other 100% organic inputs, including kelp, worm castings, nettle, amaranth, alfalfa, and chia seeds. 

Green Life Productions has a noteworthy cultivation method.

Green life productions Green Life Productions brings forth an innovative growing style that models natural ecosystems while remaining true to the ethics and principles of permaculture. The company is optimizing its organic no-till living soil with a growing style that’s organic and environmentally sustainable.

Citation Growth Corporation’s cultivation facilities fuel several brands.

Fiore Citation Growth Corporation’s Vegas cultivation facilities have received organically grown certifications from EnvirOganic, Certified Kind, and Clean Green. This triple certification is one of the first in Nevada cannabis cultivation. Citation’s brands include Diamante Labs, FIORE Cannabis, and PureCloud 9. The company’s mission to grow high-quality cannabis plants aligns with its commitment to establishing long-term healthy soil.

Silver State Trading is one of the first Clean Green Certified cannabis facilities in Nevada.

Silver State trading Silver State Trading uses organic cultivation methods, water conservation methods, and energy conservation technology, as well as soil erosion and nutrient runoff prevention strategies. They produce ENVY Confections and Trokie and have partnerships with BULLET Concentrates and STRAINZ.

Fuze Extracts stocks Nevada shelves with Clean Green Certified products.

Fuze organic cannabis Fuze Extracts makes ‘terp-heavy’ distillate and live resin cartridges for the expanding vape market. The company uses an in-house blend of pesticide-free living soil to ensure all of its products are free of harmful contaminants. Fuze Extracts prioritizes organic and sustainable practices, making this operation a prime example of what the cannabis sector deserves. 

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