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In the edibles space, a host of notable cannabis brands have created product lines that not only appeal to vegan customers, but also seek to exceed these customers’ expectations. In order to distill the best from the static, we’ve compiled a list of seven brands with superior vegan edibles.

Queen Mary

Created and helmed by a Black woman, Queen Mary is transparent about its commitment to social justice, as well as the fact that cannabis use is not just for the stereotypical stoner – it’s a tool to help overextended women get through the day. 

Available in California, Queen Mary’s edible offerings are small but mighty, including two vegan gummies in strawberry lemonade and lavender blueberry flavors. Queen Mary also offers a tincture. Each strain-specific product is designed for consumers looking for a specific medicinal use, including enhanced focus and mood boost and a good night’s sleep.

Hamsa Edibles

This California edibles company is unafraid to bring chemistry jargon into their brand lingo, giving the brand a modern. science-forward vibe. Their offerings are vegan, kosher, keto-friendly, and GMP-certified, as well as free of gluten, sugar, and lactose.

Hamsa offers two varieties of fast-onset cannabis gummies in mango and blueberry flavors. This simplicity fuses nicely with their tech-forward branding, letting the cannabis processing do the talking instead of relying on fancy confectionary practices.

La Vida Verde

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Many cannabis edibles are designed to be an indulgence, but La Vida Verde had a different market in mind when they launched their California brand back in 2015. In an effort to be healthy and holistic, they chose not to make their edibles with typical cane sugar, but instead rely on coconut sugars to sweeten their cookies. All of their products are gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, and, of course, vegan.

La Vida Verde sells cashew and coconut cookies in four flavors: lemon pie, brownie, salted caramel, and raspberry. Each is enhanced with different cannabis oils in order to give consumers an upper or downer experience. La Vida Verde also sells cannabis tinctures infused with herbs and spices.

Rich & Rose

“Family Owned. Female Operated.” Those are the first two phrases you see on the Rich & Rose website, a cannabis brand run by a dad and daughter pair. Like its predecessors on this list, Rich & Rose is California-based and prides itself on creating gluten-free and vegan edibles sans corn syrup, which contain live resin as the active cannabis ingredient.

Rich & Rose don’t have a huge inventory, offering only three basic fruit flavors of cannabis gummies: peach, strawberry, and watermelon. They give the impression, however, that they worked hard to make these edibles as high-quality as possible. One option is super CBD-forward, one has both but is slightly CBD-forward, and the last puts THC in the driver’s seat. 

Verdelux Chocolates 

Imagine walking into an old school chocolatier, only every fancy piece of chocolate is infused with cannabis extract. That’s what it feels like to peruse Verdelux Chocolates’ website, which sells a wide variety of edibles from chocolates to fruit gummies to hard candies for Washington’s i502 market. Products are all gluten-free and infused with cannabis extract derived with “food-grade ethanol.”

Not everything Verdelux Chocolate sells is vegan, but their dark chocolate bon bombs and dark chocolate truffles are. Customers can choose from a small list of flavors, including dark chocolate raspberry and orange bon bombs, and dark chocolate truffles with a spicy or raspberry profile. Cannabis content is dependent on the product.

Cosmic Edibles 

Nothing summons childhood nostalgia quite like a tube of cookie dough which, let’s face it, plenty of folks probably ate raw. Customers looking to scratch that itch as an adult can do so with Cosmic Edibles, which sells vegan and honey-free cookie dough in the California market. The brand also stocks baked cookies, and all products are organic and preservative-free. Even the packaging is recyclable, showing this brand’s flex toward sustainability.

Cosmic Edibles offers customers plenty of distillate-infused baked cookies in classic flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter, and snickerdoodle. However, the cookie dough Cosmic Edibles makes is an especially stand-out product, which comes with its own spoon – casting no illusions as to how consumers can eat it, judgment-free.

Fruit Slabs

THC fruit slabs

Made with real fruit, organic, vegan Fruit Slabs appeal to health-conscious customers. Their THC slabs are available in California, while their CBD slabs are available nationwide. The first vegan and kosher-certified THC edible to hit the market in the Golden State, these offerings are akin to chewy fruit leather. You can learn more about them here.

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