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Live resin is on the rise. It’s not just a vapable concentrate anymore; increasingly, companies have been infusing edibles and beverages with the flash-frozen concentrate made from fresh cannabis flower. What’s the reason for the resin? According to many consumers and producers, it creates a better overall high, one that is balanced from the full-spectrum extract. Because it is made from fresh flower and its terpenes preserved, live resin tends to be flavorful and aromatic, and packs a potent punch.

So which brands are leading the way in swapping THC distillate and other concentrates for products made with live resin? We’ve rounded up seven companies with standout live resin edibles and beverages. 

Magic Number 

live resin sodas

This Oregon cannabis company is all about the full plant magic. They make strain-specific live resin seltzers, sodas, and even a champagne-esque bubbly drink. Magic Number seltzers are free from sugar, alcohol, and caffeine to satisfy the health-conscious consumer. The sodas capture the classics, like cola and ginger beer, as well as lesser-seen twists like mandarin lime. And their champagne bubbly raises the bar for an alcohol-free celebration

Products range from 1:1 ratios of CBD and THC to 100 mg, appealing to a variety of cannabis beverage consumers. The company also connects with customers by providing recipes to enhance the drinks further, including instructions on how to make weed cocktails like a Dank and Stormy or Granny Smith Mule. Yeah, I’ll take one of each. 

Smokiez live resin edibles 

Smokiez has made quite a name for itself since starting out small in Oregon. The brand is  now available in more than 10 states, including Washington, Maine, Oklahoma, and California. Smokiez offers four flavors of vegan live-resin infused chews: mango and watermelon and their sour counterparts. Their packaging is cute and wholesome, with imagery of corresponding fruits that give off a full-plant vibe. After all, eating a live resin chew is a full-plant experience. 


Not all consumers want their weed fix from sweet candy, and Kaneh gets that. Named one of the top woman-led cannabis brands in California, Kaneh is raising the bar for live resin edibles with a solventless granola bar. 

The company also makes real fruit gummies and all of their seasonal items with live resin. This conscious approach helps the company resonate with more mindful, health-conscious consumers, who may also be attracted by the simple design of their packaging, which is reminiscent of a non-infused granola product. 

Malus live resin cider

From Harmony Craft Beverages, makers of non-alcoholic THC beverages including Klaus and Herbacée, comes Malus live resin cider. Made from sungrown cannabis and fresh apples, the company has taken THC cider to another level. 

The cider is made from Sour Diesel live resin sourced from California’s Emerald Triangle. Utilizing nano-emulsion technology, Malus ciders are fast-acting and contain just 3 mg of THC per can. This is ideal for consumers who want to drink a few consecutive beverages without getting too blasted, or for the low-tolerance consumer. Though their Granny Smith OG flavor in a striking red can is the only option available now, both pear and berry versions are in the works. The upcoming flavors match the company’s bold branding, with eye-catching monochrome cans in deep blue for berry and yellow-orange for pear. 

Kiva Lost Farm edibles 

As the #1 woman-led cannabis brand in California, it’s no surprise Kiva is leading the way for live resin edibles. Their soft chews are firm, with a taffy-like texture, and contain strain-specific infusions. Kiva offers a wide range of live resin edible flavors, including Dragonfruit, Strawberry Lemonade, and Chili Mango. Each gummy contains 10 mg of THC. Their website boasts, “Novices need not apply” as they provide a full-sensory, extra-potent experience. 

Kolab Project 132 Series live resin soft chews

Image: Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.

What’s a live resin list without mentioning Canada’s first live resin edible? Launched in the fall of 2021, the company offers Black Cherry Punch soft chews infused with live resin from their Black Cherry Punch strain, a cross of Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie. At 5 mg of THC per edible, they make a good entry-level option for a new live resin consumer. 

The company makes its edibles on-site at Dosecann, a facility in Charlottetown, on Prince Edward Island. Touted as being “as much a creative studio as it is a cannabis company,” (check out their out-of-this-world branding on Instagram) the Kolab Project has various “series” of products in different categories. There’s the 950 Series, a selection of dried flower; the 232 Series of concentrates; the 157 Series of vape cartridges; and of course, the 132 Series of edibles, which includes their live resin soft chew. 

Popup Potcorn 

live resin popcorn

Going to the movies got an upgrade when Popup Potcorn came to town. This brand satisfies the live resin lover without a sweet tooth, with both ready-to-eat and microwaveable infused popcorn. I mean, Potcorn. The company was launched in late 2017 after its founder had been experimenting with infused cooking oils and landed on popcorn. 

Based in Berkeley, California, these popcorn snacks appeal to customers who want to snack on their edibles rather than eat a single chew. Available in flavors like jalapeno cheddar and movie-theater butter, the snacks are low calorie and come in ratios of 10:1 THC and CBD. With the added benefit of live resin, these popcorn snacks provide consumers with a full-spectrum culinary experience that can be enjoyed much longer than it takes to pop a gummy. 

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