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Stigma is a word that comes up a lot when you talk to people in the cannabis industry. How do we create packaging that helps people forget bud’s bad reputation? How do we reach out to populations that have been persecuted by the War on Drugs, or particularly affected by anti-drug propaganda? Candy edibles have gone a long way to win over people who still associate buds with bad. But if you were raised with an anti-drug mentality, popping a gummy can be uncomfortably close to popping a pill. Enter cannabis cuisine. Cooking with weed can be a wholesome and fun way to provide plant medicine to your grandpa who would never in a million years smoke a blunt. And a growing line of products make it easy to get the dosage right—while simultaneously elevating the cuisine. Here are our picks for eight outstanding THC-infused pantry products. 

Next Level baking ingredients

A Black-owned California cannabis brand, Next Level Edibles makes THC-infused coconut oil and brown sugar. Anthony and Cartier Jenkins, who are brothers, were uncomfortable with the stigma around smoking weed so developed these products to treat their own health issues: anxiety and PTSD caused by military service. Despite this serious origin story, the company’s marketing materials capture the joy of baking with THC-infused products and include Anthony’s favorite recipes, which help customers get flavors and dosages just right. Yes, we would like some coffee THC-infused ice cream! For the lazier consumer, the company is currently developing a brownie mix, a cookie mix, and several varieties of THC-infused popcorn. 

Potli Dream Honey 

Another brand with a good origin story, California’s Potli makes a number of intriguing pantry items, including their THC-infused honey. Designed to promote deep sleep and relaxation, the raw wildflower honey has a 2:1:1 ratio of CBN, CBD, and THC. With just 3 MG of THC per serving, this should be an easy sell for consumers looking for a stigma-free sleep aid—which is exactly why founder Fel Chen was motivated to create the product for her mom. Potli also makes THC-infused sriracha in both bottles and to-go packets. Their sun-grown cannabis is sourced from the Emerald Triangle, and they profess a commitment to sourcing other ingredients from small local farms. 

Kikoko Positivi-Tea

A well-stocked pantry should include tea, and Kikoko has nailed it with this minty green option that offers caffeine, licorice root, lemongrass, organic cane sugar (to carry the cannabinoids), as well as CBD (5 mg) and THC (10 mg) derived from organically-grown California cannabis. As usual, the team at Kikoko has put thought into creating eye-catching packaging. Teabags come in a fun tin decorated with hand-drawn flowers. As a bonus from a retail perspective, there’s a lot of positive stuff a budtender can say about this woman-led company and its commitment to supporting craft cannabis farmers in California. 

Pantry Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Pantry stands out both with their packaging and their commitment to high-quality, healthful ingredients. Engineered by Chef Mike Maglioano, their EVOO is made with organic olives grown on a small California farm. In a genius branding move,  the striped coated-steel can has a classic vibe—yet is simultaneously totally different from every other olive oil container. This is definitely the kind of canister that elevates kitchen decor. To add to the product’s appeal, the dosing is smart. Each tablespoon contains 5 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC, which is about perfect if you’re cooking an infused meal for several people and want to serve various dishes that incorporate olive oil. This type of easy-to-add staple is going to go a long way toward popularizing infused cooking. 

OLA Savor

Speaking of popularizing infused cooking, OLA is brought to us by celebrity plant chef Julie Houser. Based in Washington, Flower Farma’s oil line launched this fall at MJ Unpacked Las Vegas. Designed to dress up salads or drizzle on savory dishes, OLA SAVOR is a mix of sesame, mango, hemp and cannabis oils, spiced up with ginger, and delivering equal parts CBD, CBG, and THC. OLA also makes three companion products: THC-infused TOAST, with notes of walnut and vanilla, and THC-infused BRIGHT, with orange oil and cardamom, and an olive flavor. The website includes detailed nutritional information on the various ingredients as well as fun recipes like a lemon drop plum mocktail with an OLA BRIGHT float. 

Herban Tribe orange juice

Image: Herban Tribe

Made in Oregon, Herban Tribe has been around since 2013 (hence before adult use became legal in the state), a pedigree that does much to sustain the company’s assertion that they’re cannabis pioneers united by a love for the plant. The brand’s packaging and marketing plays up this homegrown vibe and emphasizes that they grow their weed in-house and fresh-press their artisanal orange juice. Oregonians are known for their high tolerance, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that each bottle of juice packs a walloping 100 mg of THC. The company also makes THC-infused grape juice, various lemonades, and a passionfruit guava concoction.

Dose of Saucy BBQ

This is the seventh time we’ve covered Dose of Saucy and there’s good reason for that. Very few cannabis brands are entirely focused on the savory, but founder Tess Taylor is committed to creating a whole line of vegan THC-infused barbecue sauces, hot sauces, and dressing.  “I was looking for that intersection where I could normalize and destigmatize the plant,” Taylor told us. “As a queer woman of color, intersectionality is a big part of my life.” Although the company is based in California, Taylor was born and raised in the Lone Star State, and her roots inspired the brand’s retro cowgirl aesthetic. A taste of Texas infused with THC? We’ll mess with that.

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