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Today we’re looking at cannabis brands that are using effective strategies to engage with consumers. What do we mean by clever? Smart, memorable, cohesive, and eye-catching. We love to see brands that put thought into a core concept and then build it out to create powerful messaging. Here are our picks for eight brands that are doing just that.


When it comes to branding, there’s a lot to be said for consistency. For many brands, this just means firm rules about fonts and colors. But we love to see a cannabis brand that is also cohesive to a unifying concept, and Mammamia has nailed this. The theme here is Italy–each THC edible is inspired by a classic Italian dessert and the packaging and website design has a mod Mediterranean vibe. The company is actually based in California but, in keeping with their laudable consistency, they do have their Italian chops in order. Chef Simone D’Antonio was trained at Alma, the prestigious Italian cooking school, and honed his skills at Sud, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Naples. Of course, Mammamia would be remiss in alluding to Italy without using fine ingredients, so you can expect organic and premium components. They are also vegan because, in their words, “We are Italian but we learn from California.” 


Among a wide range of cannabis products, this California-based company produces Gem Drops—delectable rosin-infused gummies. And speaking of delectable, their branding is pure eye candy. A cohesive pop aesthetic emerges from impeccable styling, gorgeously high-resolution imagery, and a retro space-age vibe. Hard like. Leune is now available in Arizona and California.


Run The Jewels collaboration, LEMONNADE. Image courtesy

Cookies is one of the most famous cannabis brands in the world with good reason. Berner and company got into the branding game early with a smart game plan. By collaborating with musicians, designers, artists, and breeders, the company has built credibility while simultaneously expanding its customer base by tapping into the fan bases of its partners, which range from Run the Jewels to award-winning second-generation growers like Jason Gellman of Ridgeline Farms. Moreover, Cookies and their affiliated brands create their own walking advertising by selling compelling streetwear and other branded products. 

Edie Parker

Image courtesy

We recently wrote about Edie Parker Flower’s excellent packaging, and we love how their bright, poppy aesthetic extends throughout the brand—from labels to web design to luxe accessories to their fab 4/20 ad campaign WEED’S COME A LONG WAY, BABY. Considering they were able to emblazon this slogan on a Melrose Avenue billboard, we’re inclined to agree. Edie Parker weed is available in Illinois, and Massachusetts and its CBD products and accessories are available nationally.


Let’s not forget the power of good old in-person marketing. Darwin made a splash at MJ Unpacked in Vegas last year when their mascot, a very dignified lion named Darwin, hit the floors to schmooze (silently) with guests. And this isn’t some hack costume—Darwin is a gorgeous custom creation. He’s also embossed in silver on the Arizona cannabis brand’s eye-catching packaging. This obviously wouldn’t work in states or countries with uptight packaging laws, but we love seeing something different, especially in the form of such a dapper fellow. This sophistication in branding is also particularly impressive in a new market.

Fruit Slabs 

We recently published a feature article about this California-based company’s innovative marketing schemes, so I won’t expound at length here. But let’s just say that the Fruit Slabs team are true creative originals. Read all about it here.

Miss Grass

This California-based brand has an extremely cool aesthetic, a dynamic video-oriented website, and a commitment to supporting a more ethical industry. Consumer education is key to this mission, and we love that this brand’s high standards of quality extend to their copy: the articles are informative, fun to read, and enhanced by compelling imagery. Really, what more could you ask for? You can now buy Miss Grass in Nevada, Massachusetts, and California. 

Dank Czar

Images courtesy Dank Czar on Instagram, photos by @surfacearea999

Dank Czar has taken a unique approach to marketing by basically creating mini sculptures out of their concentrates for their Instagram. The longstanding Washington brand is known for its rosins and resins and definitely caters to serious consumers, which is why this marketing strategy is smart—of course hardcore stoners are going to want to trip out on miniature monkeys and donuts sculpted out of rosin.

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