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“Visuals” come up a lot in conversations about psychedelic experiences, so perhaps it makes sense that DoubleBlind will take its message to the masses via a giant flashing billboard at New York’s Times Square. For the coming week, the woman-led magazine, which covers “the expansion of psychedelics around the globe” is teaming up with Honeysuckle Magazine, Musings Magazine, and Rainbo Mushrooms, to broadcast a campaign to destigmatize plant medicines.

“As hundreds of millions of dollars pour into psychedelic drug development and initiatives to decriminalize psychedelics sweep the nation, now is the time to introduce nuanced and intentional conversations about psychedelic use to the general public,” said Shelby Harman, co-founder of DoubleBlind. “The billboard in Times Square will be tied to a hashtag #celebrateplantmedicine with an intention to disrupt the profit-driven advertising we often see in places like Times Square to fuel a conversation about healing.”

Honeysuckle, a woman-led arts and culture magazine with robust coverage of cannabis issues, is no stranger to billboards–In 2018, they put cannabis brands on the boards for the first time in US history. Past campaigns honor artists, women, and indigenous voices in the cannabis industry and include “Diversity in Cannabis,” a collaboration with Lil’ Wayne that went live on Times Square this past 4/20.

Honeysuckle founder Ronit Pinto notes, “Getting this kind of creative approved is extremely challenging. I don’t know how much people realize that!” But she’s enthused about the collaboration and calls the end result “stunning.”

In a press release, DoubleBlind encouraged New Yorkers and visitors to “Go visit the billboard: take photos, videos, and go live in front of it using the hashtag #celebrateplantmedicine. Follow and tag us and our partners @doubleblindmag, @honeysucklemagazine, @musingsmagazine, @musesmoment, and @rainbomushrooms so we can reshare your posts! If you feel called, we encourage you to include information in the caption of your posts about how psychedelics have transformed your life.”

The campaign will be running on the bird billboard in Times Square, from midnight on 9/26 to midnight on 10/3. It’s located at 719 7th Ave., NY, NY 10036.

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