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With the massive amount of attention given to micro-dose edibles in recent years, it can be easy to forget that higher-dose THC-infused products were the foundation of most cannabis edibles markets in the early medical era. While lower-dose products do have their place in the cannabis edibles space, BDSA’s Consumer Insights data proves that 24% of consumers in adult-use states prefer an edible dosage of more than 20 mg of THC at a time. 

What do we mean by high-dose edibles? 

When talking about “high-dose” edible products, it’s important to recognize that regulations in almost every adult-use cannabis market limit the THC dosage in cannabis edibles to either 5 mg or 10 mg THC per dose and 100 mg per package. Some states (such as Arizona, Colorado, and Maryland) allow higher-dose products for medical patients. Others do not allow infused foods or candies with more than 100 mg/package, but they do make exceptions for products like pills or tablets (see  California). So in this assessment, BDSA has categorized edibles to be high dose if they contain more than 10 mg THC per dose, or more than 100 mg per package. 

With that, here are five higher-dose edibles to watch for based on product/sku level data from BDSA’s Retail Sales Tracking.

Wana Raspberry Limeade Sour Gummies: 20 count, 1000 total mg THC

wana high dose edibles

As the number one edible brand (by far) in Colorado, it’s no surprise to see Wana top on this list. Wana offers high-dose edibles for the Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, and Oklahoma markets, and the brand has seen tremendous success with their medical-only offerings in Colorado. In BDSA’s Retail Sales Tracking of the Colorado medical market, this specific high dose edible product brought in +$4 million in sales Jan-July 2021,  and represented ~35% of Wana’s sales in the CO medical channel in the first seven months of the year.

Curio Wellness Ginger Mango Chews: 10 count, 400 total mg THC

Curio Wellness high dose edibles

Even with stiff competition from well-funded MSO brands, Curio Wellness has maintained a dominant position in the Maryland medical market (Maryland does not have legal adult-use sales). Curio’s Ginger Mango Chews, which are exclusive to Maryland,  have brought in +$3 million in sales from January-July 2021 per BDSA’s Retail Sales Tracking. In fact, this specific Curio edible product is the best selling higher-dose edible in Maryland so far this year–and it brought in over 11% of the Curio brand’s total sales for the first seven months of 2021.

Mango ginger high dose edibles

Breez Extra Strength Sativa Tablets: 50 count, 1000 mg THC

Breez high dose edibles

While California has adopted the standard 100 mg THC limit/package for most edible products, pills and tablets are allowed to contain as much as 1000 mg THC per package, allowing brands like Breez to cater to consumers who prefer a higher dose. The Breez Extra Strength Sativa tablets are so far the bestselling higher dose California edibles in 2021. Breez’s Extra Strength Sativa Tablets have brought in almost $2.5 million in sales from January through July 2021, according to BDSA’s Retail Sales Tracking for California. 

Breez high dose tablets

Haze and Main Milk Chocolate Bar: 10 count, 1000 mg THC.

Haze & Main high dose edibles

One of the top-selling cannabis chocolate brands in Arizona (the only market where their products are available), Haze & Main has locked down the high-dose infused chocolate market, with three of their chocolate bars ranking in the top five for high dose edibles in Arizona’s medical market. The second best selling higher dose edible in Arizona, this bar represents ~20% of the brand’s total sales in the Arizona medical channel for the first seven months of 2021. 

Fubar high dose edible

Incredibles Mile Highest Mint Bar: 10 count, 1000 mg THC

Incredibles high dose edibles

Legacy chocolate bar brand Incredibles has been a mainstay in the Colorado market since the brand launched in 2010. This specific product has seen steady sales growth in the Colorado medical market over the past year, bringing in almost $900K in sales Jan-July 2021 per BDSA’s Retail Sales tracking of the Colorado medical market. This single product’s sales represent ~10% of the brand’s total sales in the Colorado Medical Market in the first seven months of the year.

High dose edible chocolate mint

Honorable Mention:

Wicked Sour Watermelon Gummies: 10 count, 250 mg THC

Wicked Sour gummies high dose edibles

Sira Naturals brand Wicked Sour claims the number one spot for high-dose edibles in the Massachusetts market. Unique to the Massachusetts market, this product alone brought in +40% of Wicked Sour’s total dollar sales in the Massachusetts medical channel in the first seven months of 2021.

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