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From the verdant fields of Yakima River sun grown to Gro Op’s giant indoor facilities, Washington’s cannabis farms are off the hook. Here’s a look at the farms and processors that are leading the pack. (These numbers are based on 502data on YTD sales through July. It’ll be interesting to see how the numbers change after harvest. Stay tuned!)

10. Harmony Farms

YTD: $7,816,984

Based in Lacey, Harmony Farms has been in business since 2015. The brand is oriented around sustainability, organic practices, and transparency.

9. Artizen

YTD: $8,016,737

One of Washington’s best known brands, Artizen also got its start in Lacey, in 2014. The farm professes a commitment to using sustainable and organic practices whenever possible, and is notably transparent about their process.

8. Cannaseur’s Choice

YTD:  $8,367,182

Cannaseur’s Choice is located in Renton and is best known for Soulshine.

7. Forbidden Farms

YTD: $9,924,576

Notable for their giant state-of-the-art glass greenhouses, Forbidden Farms grows 96 strains and produces a wide range of products, ranging from pre-rolls, and THC-dusted dried pineapples slices.

6. Evergreen Herbal

YTD: $11,192,549

Known for making THC and CBD-infused products, Evergreen Herbal dates back to the medical years. Now located in SODO, the company produces Blaze, Hi-Lite, and a gigantic range of edibles, including 4.20 Bar.

5. Cowlitz County Cannabis Cultivation

YTD: $13,056,491

Established in 2015, CCCC produces Dab Dudes, Hi Guy, and Cowlitz Gold.

4. Rolling Farms

 YTD: $13,463,089

Located in Arlington, Rolling Farms is part of the Smokey Point family.

3. Phat n Sticky

YTD:  $17,593,563

Phat n Sticky is the in-house cannabis oil brand for one of Washington’s favorite brands, Phat Panda.

2. Northwest Cannabis Solutions

YTD: $27,516,229

Based in Olympia, this cannabis behemoth offers over 300 products under 16 brands, including Chewee’s, Marmas, Terp Stix, Golden Goo, Legends, and Mini Budz.

1. Grow Op

YTD: $37,761,770

To Washingtonian readers it likely comes as no surprise that Grow Op ranks #1, and by a substantial margin. Grow Op is one of the largest producers in the country and makes Phat Panda. The company’s massive portfolio of strains reads like a greatest hits list for Washington stoners.

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