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Gummies are the most popular edibles, accounting for 82% of THC candy sales nationwide, but a number of brands have moved beyond the chewy treats to savory snacks and other innovative products. Here we shine a spotlight on 10 THC edibles that are gaining in popularity.


Potli THC shrimp chips We can’t talk California edibles without discussing Potli’s beautifully packaged line of hot sauces, honeys, and oils, which are geared toward people who prioritize natural, locally sourced ingredients and want to explore cooking with cannabis. In addition to detailed information on strains and the expected effects of each product, the company offers a variety of recipes on its website. Their latest product is extra cannabis-infused shrimp chips which come in original and extra spicy.  

Love’s Oven

Love’s OvenLove's Kitchen  uses natural, locally sourced ingredients for its line of baked goods and chocolate, and its proprietary THC and CBD extraction methods ensure its products are consistently and effectively dosed with cannabutter and cannaoil. The brand is built on the promise of great-tasting, cleanly extracted products to help ease pain and other ailments.



This Denver-based company markets its product line around curated experiences: Go, Genius, Chill, Love and Midnight. While most famous for their fast-acting Drops, 1906 also makes chocolate-covered coffee beans and peanut butter cups infused with THC, CBD, and uplifting herbal blends. Their colorful yet spare packaging is congruent with their simple yet effective messaging. 


kiva bites

Made from micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans and coated in dark chocolate, Kiva’s espresso bean Bites are available in six flavors, including blueberry, milk and cookies, and sea salt caramel. The company markets its products as “Decadent & Discrete” — they come in a tin similar to the packaging used for conventional mints. Kiva has also invested in updating their packaging for sustainability; the Bites tin is fully recyclable and their chocolate bar packaging is biodegradable.


Fruit Slabs

THC fruit slabs Based in California, Fruit Slabs are geared to consumers looking for a healthful and environmentally-friendly way to imbibe. The company markets their cannabis-infused fruit strips as kosher-certified, vegan, keto, paleo, made of 100% organic fruit, and free of most common allergens. If that’s not enough selling points for the health-conscious, Fruit Slabs are, according to their website, “the lowest calorie per milligram edible.” The company has won numerous awards.


Pop-Up Potcorn

Pop-Up Potcorn is designed to appeal to consumers who want a THC-infused snack that’s more satisfying than a single gummy. Their savory popcorn comes in ready-to-eat single-serving pouches with 10 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBD, as well as multi serving bags. There’s a flavor for every craving: Movie Theater Butter, Jalapeno Cheddar, and Sea Salt. Potcorn is air-popped, and made with non-GMO sunflower oil. They also make a microwavable variety. 

Baked Bros

Baked BrosBaked Bros is well-known in Arizona for its gummy edibles, but the company also has developed a line of syrups that have become increasingly popular. Syrup sales account for over 3% of edibles sales in Arizona, and Baked Bros dominates the category, accounting for 87% of sales, according to BDSA. In celebration of their entrance into the adult-use market, Baked Bros is undergoing a rebranding effort and will be debuting its new look this summer. 


Elbe’s makes a bunch of products that don’t fall into the gummy category: hard candy, cake balls, and cookies using their single-source, full-spectrum cannabutter for a potent and long-lasting effect. The company’s gourmet 15 mg cakeballs are particularly tempting and come in chai, lemon, triple chocolate and orange dreamsicle. The Portland-based company, which has been around since 2010, has developed a venerable reputation in Oregon. 



Cannabella’s THC-infused ghee butter can be spread on toast, replace vegetable oil in baking, used as a topper for hot cereal, or used for frying grilled cheese. In addition to ghee butter, Cannabella makes THC-infused fruit-flavored lozenges, dried fruit, honey, and olive oil. And yeah, the company makes gummies, too. Its packaging, while child resistant, is similar to that of mainstream food products. 


Her Highness NYC

New York-based Her Highness’s Enjoy-Mints are infused with 2.5 milligrams of THC — just enough to take the edge off. But consumers looking for a more intense high, can take more of the diamond-shaped mints, which also act as a breath freshener. The elegant packaging is perfect for repurposing to hold joints. Cofounders Laura Eisman and Allison Krongard created Her Highness as a cannabis lifestyle brand built with a goal to capture the female cannabis market

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