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Amidst the supernova of new brands, Stone Road shines brighter than most. 

After falling in love with organic farming, Lex Corwin founded Stone Road in 2016 when he was just 23 years old. His inspiration was nature, minimalism, and inclusivity. Having these elements baked into the inspiration of the company shows, especially as we see so many brands incorporating them as add ons in order to capitalize on the trend. 

The queer-led company celebrates the intersection of two communities that are rapidly outgrowing their status as groups on the periphery of mainstream culture. Cannabis users and professionals and those who identify as LGBTQIA2S are growing voices of leadership and power, and enjoying synergistic growth when coming together intentionally.    

The Stone Road aesthetic embraces a liberated lifestyle. Their Instagram feed feels like a contemporary art exhibit in the best way possible, featuring diverse bodies, kinks, and all around intriguingly delicious vignettes. But it’s not just eye candy and lip service to standing in solidarity with marginalized groups–the company is committed to hiring and featuring cannabis users from the LGBTQ+ community.

The sustainability practices extend from cultural to environmental. Stone Road cannabis is grown on a 57-acre solar-powered farm outside of Nevada City. Plants are tended with well water and natural insecticides. The goal is to grow with the lowest possible footprint. Everything is done in-house, including packing eighths and hand-rolling joints. 

The packaging is similarly well-rounded, made exclusively from recycled materials and is itself 96% recyclable with plans in the works to get that to 100%. But the vibe is anything but hippy earth mother. Their luxurious aesthetic comes across in their pre-roll joint packs, glass and cork-contained single joints, and an innovative roll-your-own pouch that comes with ground flower, filter tips, and papers.  

But how’s the weed? The love and care for the plant is apparent in the flavor and in the high. Even those who are die-hard organic home growers can taste and feel the pure, unadulterated quality. While many may come for the branding, they stay for the buzz. 

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