Skip to main content™ is launching HumidiNaturals, which they describe as “a fully renewable and compostable solution” to the massive amounts of plastic waste the cannabis industry is generating. In a press release, company representatives from stated that widespread adoption of their packaging could remove 750 thousand pounds of plastic from the cannabis supply chain annually.

sustainable packaging for cannabis pre-rolls
Pre-roll packaging from Renewable option is in cream.

HumidiNaturals™ are made from a plant-based, bio-polymer blend that’s designed to degrade within 14-18 months, leaving no microplastics or harmful chemicals behind. The packaging is 100% renewable, contains 0% plastic, and is sourced and manufactured in the US. The company currently offers ASTM child-resistant caps and pre-roll tubes, with jars and responsible labeling options anticipated by second quarter of 2021.

In the press release,™ promise “the first of its kind, home-compostable packaging at pricing that is competitive with current glass and plastic offerings.” But what do they mean by competitive? Their “natural humiditubes” for cones and pre-rolls are available for as low as 25 cents each, as compared to their other tubes which are available for as low as 9 or 10 cents each. Although the price difference is not insignificant, it’s still within the realm of possibility for many brands, particularly when one considers the high cost of maintaining the status quo.

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