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In keeping with at least four major trends in the cannabis world, CannaCraft has launched its new brand Gem + Jane: a sparkling botanical beverage that offers “sophisticated flavors” with microdoses of cannabinoids, including THCV, Delta-8 THC and CBD.

The brand is overly targeting female consumers. In a press release they stated, “Developed ‘for women, by women,’ the lightly-infused line is intended as a sessionable beverage with up to 5mg of THC appealing to cannabis-curious consumers and those looking for a social substitute to alcohol.” The drinks are low in calories (20-25 per serving), sweetened with agave, and feature “complex, layered botanical flavors.”

“We created this brand for women with a sophisticated palate who are intrigued by lightly-infused cannabis beverages,” explains Angela Pih, Chief Marketing Officer at CannaCraft. 

Pih, a global marketer with over two decades of experience in cannabis, fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands, built the Gem + Jane team in-house. Cannabis industry veteran Elise McDonough, who authored the cannabis cookbook Bong Appetit and was the first Edibles Editor at High Times, serves as brand managerR&D Manager Marielle Kane, a wine industry professional, brings her expertise in beverage formulation development and sensory sciences.

Our verdict? Everything about this feels “of the moment” and we’ll be watching this brand. Stay tuned!

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