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Cannabis Sales Consultants and Dispensing Inventory Specialists at two Chicago Verilife dispensaries have voted to join Teamsters Local 777. These are the first two Verilife locations to join a local branch of the Teamsters union. 

The dispensary workers were welcomed with positive messages from Local 777 President, Jim Glimco. 

“These workers are on the frontlines of the grassroots movement to ensure that the billions of dollars in revenue being generated by the nascent Cannabis industry goes not just to investors and shareholders, but to the people who are the backbone of these operations.”

Though Verilife workers are the newest additions to the Teamsters Local 777 union, they are not the first cannabis employees to unite. Modern Cannabis’ Logan Square and River North locations also voted to join Local 777 earlier in 2021. 

“We want to be Teamsters because we want representation in the workplace,” said Eunique Nyonly and William Morris, two Cannabis Sales Consultants from the Verilife River North location. “With the cannabis industry becoming more established in Illinois, there is room for exploitation. By joining the Teamsters, we can combat this.”

Teamsters Local 777 was founded in 1937 and represents a wide variety of workers throughout Chicago. Verilife operates numerous dispensaries in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The company is owned by PharmaCann.