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Thanks to Cresco Labs, Michigan cannabis lovers are about to get some much-needed good news going into the new year. As of December 2020, Cresco has extended their edibles brand Good News, which is designed to elevate moods, into Michigan’s fast growing cannabis market. 

Good News edibles, which come in packs of ten gummies that each contain 10 mg of THC, are now widely available in Michigan dispensaries. The gummies can be found in four different varieties, each crafted to enhance a different type of mood. Those seeking self-care can turn to the Me Time Indica gummy, and for a low-key social event Good News offers Brunch, a hybrid option. Those looking to take it up a few notches can explore their sativa varieties, Friyay and Vegas. 

“Michigan is a sophisticated market,” says Charlie Bachtell, CEO and Co-Founder of Cresco Labs, a vertically integrated MSO. “We are investing resources in the most strategic markets, and we continue to be excited about the growth potential of Michigan’s cannabis program.” This December marks Michigan’s first year anniversary of legalized adult-use cannabis consumption. Between the adult-use and medical markets, the state has brought in $595 million in cannabis in just the first eight months of the year. 

After the statewide success of the lower-dose edible brand, Mindy’s Chef Led Artisanal Edibles, Cresco decided Michigan cannabis aficionados were ready for something with a little more intensity. But Good News edibles were still created with accessibility in mind. Those who approach edibles with caution can rest assured that these gummies are designed for a reliable, uptempo experience. “We believe our growth speaks to the quality and variety of the brands and products that we are offering to our dispensary partners, patients and customers,” says Bachtell. 

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