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Cresco Labs has launched a line of low-dose edibles for the cannacurious. The MSO developed the Wonder Wellness Co. brand for consumers who may be uncertain about how to properly dose edibles. The brand’s Wonder Minis contain fruit flavors, botanically-derived terpenes, and just 3 mg of cannabinoids. The hard candies will debut in Illinois dispensaries.

In a press release, Cresco CCO Greg Butler indicated that Wonder Minis are intended to appeal to the 38% of Illinois adults who haven’t consumed cannabis, but say they’re open to the experience. The company believes these consumers are interested in edibles brands, but that a lack of proper dosing education is holding them back. Their solution? Wonder Wellness offers low-dose edibles with clear dosing instructions.

“It was clear to our company that we needed a brand that would speak directly to this group and offer products that would meet their preferences and ease their hesitations,” said Cory Rothschild, SVP of Brand Marketing at Cresco Labs.

Wonder Minis are available in three varieties: Laugh is tangerine flavored and contains 3 mg of THC; Sleep is plum flavored and contains 2 mg THC/1 mg CBD; and Relax is blueberry flavored and contains 1 mg THC/2 mg CBD. Wonder Minis are the first edibles offered in Illinois containing 3 mg or less of THC.    

According to Cresco, this is just the beginning. They plan on bringing the Wonder Wellness brand to eight additional regulated cannabis markets.

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