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Cannabis is fun. So is sex. 

So why not double the pleasure by combining the two?

A plethora of cannabis companies — primarily run by women — have formulated oils, lotions and even chocolate for adventurous couples to experiment with in the bedroom … or the kitchen, or the living room. 

“It’s about having fun — it’s about spending time together,” said Luz de la Riva, co-founder of House of LDLR, a California-based licensed sexual wellness cannabis company. “Cannabis, sexual wellness, and intimacy — spending time together is the purpose.”

House of LDLR recently launched a line of cannabis sex toys and infused intimacy products called Taste of Love aimed at enhancing desire, encouraging foreplay, and expanding the definition of sex. The line includes Lover Boy, a set of four cannabis-infused cock rings designed to be licked and kissed off a man’s penis.

“Everybody knows cannabis is a great help to sexual wellness,” said Luna de la Riva, Luz’s daughter and co-founder of the company. “We thought, ‘OK, why don’t we do something that will be fun and give us girls something. Up to now, we don’t get much out of a blow job — we want you to get excited about getting down on your knees.”

House of LDLR’s Besame is a sweet-tasting THC-infused massage oil intended to be kissed off your body to enhance your senses. The massage oil comes in two flavors: Creme Brulee and Fruta Prohibida. There’s also Flower Girl, a gentle water-based lubricant made with nano-emulsified cannabinoids and aloe vera.

The company plans to introduce new products, such as edible nipple cream, Tasty Pasties, and a lubricant for men that’s geared toward the gay community. 

The mother-daughter team created House of LDLR in 2016 as a response to the lack of safe and healthy sexual wellness products for women. Luz de la Riva has more than 25 years in the sexual wellness field. She designed the first Kegel Ball with Walgreens to help strengthen the pelvic floor, then launched Luz De La Riva Intimate Couture Cosmetics, the first brand to sell adult products in Nordstrom in the US and Canada. 

House of LDLR products are available through the cannabis marketplace and delivery service in the Bay area, including San Francisco, Sacramento, and the Peninsula. 

While many companies focus on oils and lubricants to help with the dry vagina issue some menopausal women experience, New York-based Her Highness took a different approach in creating an orgasm intensifier made specifically for women. 

The product, normally sold in 30-milliliter bottles, proved so popular that Her Highness started packaging it in single-dose wrappers the size of a condom packet. Her Highness and one of its retail partners experimented with putting Cum on the Go Pleasure Oil packets in every woman’s shopping bag and found that most returned to purchase the full-sized bottle.

“When we created our product, it was all about making women feel good, bringing joy to them,” said Laura Eisman, the company’s co-founder. “Sexual joy has a stigma like cannabis. We wanted to change that and bring the power to the women…It’s something that women discuss with each other. There are so many things for men, and they don’t think about it. Society is focused on a man’s performance during sex. To discover that cannabis can enhance a woman’s sexual experience is amazing news.”

When it first launched, Her Highness products were infused with CBD and sold online nationally. The company has since created a collection that’s infused with THC.

“Our CBD version is a slight notch under the THC, but we add a little bit of Delta 8, so it’s practically the same,” Eisman said. 

Her Highness is talking with hotels about putting the Pleasure Oil packets in guest room mini bars.

Another company that’s focused on infusing sex products with THC is Quebec-based HighOnLove. While the company started with CBD-infused products, which founder and president Angela Mustone says are great as a lubricant or an anti-inflammatory, it’s THC that increases blood flow, which is what intensifies orgasms.

“For women, you keep on orgasming — that’s the benefit,” Mustone said. “For men, what it does is it delays them if they cum too fast.”

HighOnLove’s product line includes massage and bath oils, lip balm made for fellatio, body butter, lubricant and stimulating sensual oil. It also offers THC-infused dark Chocolate Body Paint packaged in a heart-shaped vessel that comes with a paintbrush to help couples get creative.

“I love cannabis — I love what it does as a topical,” said Mustone, who worked in sexual wellness before starting HighOnLove. “What it does for me in terms of my sex life is A-1 on my list.”

Foria’s CBD-infused products help women like Casey Bowen, the company’s wholesale account manager, cope with endometriosis and painful sex. 

Bowen describes Foria’s Awaken Natural Arousal Oil as a game-changer. 

“I didn’t ever think there was going to be a product that allows me to enjoy sex with a partner or by myself,” she said. “It relaxes the pelvic muscles so we can enjoy sex and can enjoy getting closer to our partners because it isn’t painful. There was not ever a helpful product that relaxes our muscles until now.”

Foria is poised to introduce breast oil aimed at improving breast health. Made with 100% organic and botanical ingredients, the oil increases blood flow and encourages women to touch themselves.

“More and more women are getting breast cancer scares and bumps,” Bowen said. “We want to encourage more women to touch themselves so things are detected more quickly. It can be used with a partner and promotes foreplay and closer partnership.”

Rock ’n’ roll-themed oOYes cannabis-infused products are designed to get couples talking about sex — and enjoying it. The products are designed for vaginal health because, as Founder Tanya Griffin says, “Your vagina is like your mouth — it’s all mucus membranes. You have to be careful what you’re putting all over it.”

Although it’s not necessarily a sexual product, Hello Again CBD and THC-infused vaginal suppositories relieve the symptoms of menopause, including sleeplessness, anxiety and vaginal dryness, without the head high associated with marijuana.

“(The name) Hello Again came from a nice dinner with our husbands and maybe a martini or two,” Co-Founder Carrie Mapes told MJ Brand Insights in December. “The idea behind it is to welcome yourself back.”

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