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Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, has teamed up with Canadian cannabis brand Bullrider. The award-winning artist will serve as an investor, partner, and advisor to the company, alongside his longtime collaborator, Noah Shebib.

Bullrider, a subsidiary of Robes Inc., is set to open a flagship store in Brampton, Ontario this month. The brand has expanded its offerings to several high-grade strains, as well as merch. 

“I’ve always viewed 40 [Shebib] as the expert when it comes to cannabis so I’m very excited to invest, partner and contribute to setting a new standard for a premium cannabis experience,” said Drake.

The cannabis company was named after their Afghani Bullrider strain, credited as a life-changing product for co-owner Shebib’s multiple sclerosis. Shebib’s involvement with the brand stems from an aspiration to improve access to the potentially healing power of high-grade strains.

“At the heart of Bullrider is the convergence of street art, hip-hop and limited premium Cannabis product drops,” said CEO Maxim Zavet. “We’re honored to create a space for Drake and 40 to continue their iconic partnership in lending their innovation and drive to sharing our products with the world.”

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