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E-commerce and point of sale software company Dutchie has announced a new partnership with the nonprofit organization Last Prisoner Project. The partnership will provide coordination and support for LPP’s efforts to expunge criminal records, provide re-entry support, and advocate for criminal justice public policy reform. 

Dutchie announced an initial $100,000 donation to the Last Prisoner Project, as well as a pledge to match $1 million in donations from dispensary partners and cannabis consumers. 

The Last Prisoner Project was founded in 2019 by industry leaders, criminal and social justice advocates, and policy and education experts. The nonprofit is a response to the juxtaposition between a growing legal cannabis industry and the estimated 40,000 people who remain incarcerated for cannabis offenses in the United States. LPP has supported the release of the longest-serving cannabis prisoner and created a fund to support his re-entry, among other success stories, which include the release of Corvain Cooper, a prisoner serving a life sentence who now serves as the chief brand ambassador for social justice cannabis brand 40 Tons

Dutchie is used in over 5,000 dispensaries across the United States and Canada and facilitates over $14 billion in annual sales. The company is currently valued at over $3.75 billion. 

“We are excited to begin our partnership with Dutchie and grateful for their generous support of our mission. Together, we will redress the harms of cannabis prohibition by advancing crucial criminal justice and drug policy reforms,” said Mary Bailey, managing director of Last Prisoner Project. “More than 15.7 million Americans have been arrested for nonviolent cannabis crimes in the last two decades. Some of whom are serving life sentences without parole. Together, we’ll help give people and families their lives back.”

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