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MJ Unpacked Social Impact Scholarship in partnership with

MJ Unpacked is proud to partner with Our Academy to create our Social Impact Scholarship. We are currently looking for sponsors to help provide a critical opportunity for BIPOC-owned and social equity brands to bring their products to market and engage the investment community exclusively at MJ Unpacked.

Our Academy is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit workshop, mentorship program, and open education resource for cannabis equity applicants, legacy operators, and others impacted by the War on Drugs.

Forward-thinking companies committed to undoing the decades of harm to BIPOC communities from a misguided and racially-biased war on drugs can support the participation of select companies from Our Academy at MJ Unpacked.

Sponsors will receive 4 Expo Passes, 2 Conference Pass upgrades, pre-event and on-site marketing via email, social media, website, and event signage, plus an online profile in the MJU app for appointment scheduling, direct messaging with attendees, and lead generation.

Thank you to our Detroit Sponsors

We want to thank the MJ Unpacked Social Impact Scholarship Sponsors for giving social equity brands from Our Academy the opportunity to showcase their brands and connect with peers like you. Thank you!

“MJ UNPACKED!!! The cannabis expo that forever changed my life. By partnering with Our Academy, MJ Unpacked lowered the barrier of entry for minority cannabis brands like my very own, ButACake. Not only did MJ Unpacked open the door, they also built a team of the most helpful, resourceful and hospitable staff. There is no better conference in my eyes.”

Matha FigaroFounder, ButACake

"My experience at MJ Unpacked was unmatched and more than I could have ever dreamed of. I launched my brand a few days before the conference and being able to showcase at one of the biggest cannabis conferences was surreal. I met amazing new partners, potential new investors and a retail shop asked to carry my brand in their stores. This conference helped with brand awareness, supported my launch, and accelerated multiple in person connections! Thankful to Hilary, the Our Academy team and the MJ Unpacked team!"

Erinique OwensFounder & CEO, Love Herb Co.

"My experience at MJ Unpacked was incredible. IT just hit different. I have to thank God first & foremost for ordering my steps and second, Hilary & the Our Academy team. Without them my attendance wouldn’t have been possible. The connections and bonds I strengthened are invaluable. The trajectory of my brand could possibly have been changed by this. I’m blessed beyond measure."

B.J. CarsonCo-Founder, Four Forty Eight