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Often overshadowed by the more dominant flower category, pre-rolled joints have maintained a solid presence in legal cannabis markets, bringing in 9% of dollar sales in the first 6 months of 2021 (in BDSA-tracked markets). As consumers moved away from vape products in the past year, infused pre-rolls (pre-rolled joints manufactured with a mixture of flower and concentrates) were on the upswing. For example, in California infused pre-rolls’ share of TOTAL pre-roll sales spiked from 24% in January 2020 to 34% in September 2020. This growth of infused pre-rolls has continued so far in 2021, with the potent infused doobies taking up 45% of California pre-roll sales for July. 

Here’s our picks for five brands to watch in the infused joints subcategory:

1. Jeeter

A subsidiary of Southern California-based Dreamfields, Jeeter has seen a rapid rise to the top of California’s infused pre-roll market, overtaking Sublime Canna in Q1 2021 to become the number one infused pre-roll brand in California by dollar sales. With a product line featuring half-gram, gram and “XL” two gram joints, Jeeter brought in over $15 million in infused pre-roll sales in California in Q2 2021.

2. Caviar Gold

Well-known for their Caviar Gold Buds, flower infused with distillate oil and kief, Caviar Gold has also seen success with their Cavicone line of infused pre-rolls. Available in Arizona, California, Nevada, Michigan, and Oklahoma, the brand has been one of the most successful multi-state operators in the infused pre-roll space. Caviar Gold’s Cavicones have already built an impressive presence in Arizona, where the brand is ranked number two in dollar sales, bringing in just under 28% of infused pre-roll dollar sales.

3. The Flower Collective

Well-known for their solventless concentrates, The Flower Collective has also made a name in the infused pre-roll sector with their bubble joints and bubble blunts. As the names would suggest, their products are infused with bubble hash, and have helped The Flower Collective bring in the second highest sales in Colorado in Q2 2021, with over $1 million in sales of pre-rolled products.

4. Kaviar

A joint venture formed by Colorado-based Starbuds and California-based Vertical Brands, Kaviar has become one of the most successful multi-state operators in the infused pre-roll space, with products on the shelf in Colorado, Maryland, and Oklahoma. With the success of their Kaviar cones, joints rolled with a mix of flower, oil and kief, Kaviar has become the only brand of infused pre-roll in the Maryland market, as well as the top selling infused pre-roll in Colorado. The brand brought in over $900K in pre-roll sales in Maryland and over $4 million in the Colorado market in Q2 2021. 

5. Decibel Farms

A vertically integrated operator out of the Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon, Decibel Farms boasts a product portfolio of single source extracts, as well as rosin and solvent extract-infused joints.  The brand has taken up an impressive share of the infused pre-roll space, bringing in 27% of infused preroll dollar sales in Oregon for Q2 2021.

Because we can never seem to round out a 5 brands to watch list without an honorable mention, we’d like to call attention to one more California brand that is making its presence known.

One to watch out for: Jetpacks

The sixth-ranked infused pre-roll brand in California, newcomer Jetpacks is flying to the top of the pre-roll market with a quiver of pre-roll products infused with either hash, THC diamonds, or live resin. Jetpacks brought in almost $2 million in sales for Q2 2021.

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