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With Green Wednesday on the horizon to kick off the holiday shopping season, our thoughts turn to holiday marketing. As the industry matures, cannabis shopping habits have begun following familiar patterns. According to our friends at BDSA, the top sales days of 2021 were 4/20, followed closely by the days leading up to Labor Day and July 4th. We expect Green Wednesday to make a good showing this year. 

But while cannabis consumers do shop for the holidays, cannabis brands and retailers don’t yet match conventional markets when it comes to seasonal product releases and marketing. Instead, many brands opt for holiday deals and discounts. Good news for the consumer, but not that fun to report on. That said, we did track down some brands that are creating fun seasonal products and marketing schemes. Here are our picks for the cannabis brands that are standing out from the pack. 

Pebbles: Candy Cane and Sparkling Grape 

From 4Front Ventures, Pebbles is a Washington edibles brand with timeless appeal. These fast-acting hard candies are available in a wide variety of fruity flavors, but it’s their seasonal releases that caught our attention: candy cane and sparkling grape. The THC candy cane pebbles come in an overtly Christmas-y carton decorated with a peppermint swirl and pine needles, while the sparkling grape version is just generally festive.  Kudos to this brand for an inventive holiday flavor (sparkling grape) and for creating holiday packaging with old-fashioned appeal.

LEVIA: Pomegranate Punch 

The Massachusetts cannabis company is offering a limited-edition holiday seltzer: Pomegranate Punch, which features a hybrid blend that aims to elevate. We typically love it when brands collaborate with artists for special edition packaging, and this can, designed by Massachusetts illustrator Keever, is no exception. LEVIA has great branding in general: their overall aesthetic is elegant with shades of both art deco and art nouveau. Their seasonal offering goes for a bolder, more graphic look, but keeps the vibe alive, making this zero-calorie cannabis soda stand out from the competition. 

Kikoko: Gift of Genius 

For those wanting a holiday product that doesn’t scream “Christmas!,” Kikoko’s cannabis tea is a creative choice. On December 1, the California edibles brand is releasing Gift of Genius, a tin containing a four-pack of their new organic Creativi-Tea. This caffeinated Assam black tea is infused with THC and THCV, a cannabinoid that’s said to boost energy. The tin’s black, white, and goldenrod graphics are energetic indeed. 

Kiva: Sugar Plum Gummies 

The renowned California edibles brand has an illustrious history of holiday marketing that began with their famous peppermint bark. In keeping with that tradition, their Sugar Plum Gummies feature a beautiful label AND some serious claims to quality: the candies are infused with strain-specific (Pluot) live resin from Coastal Sun Farm

Fun Uncle Cruisers Sweepstakes 

For Green Wednesday, the California vape line Fun Uncle Cruisers is releasing four new flavors: Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, Sunset Sherbet, and Grandaddy Purple. To celebrate the expansion of the line and the upcoming holidays, The Parent Company is offering the chance for consumers to participate in a sweepstakes. The winner will receive a weekend van life getaway valued at $4,000, with additional prizes for runners-up. We applaud these guys for coming up with a sweepstakes that matches the laid-back yet adventurous feel of the Cruisers line. 

Those looking for THC holiday gift ideas should also check out this cool gift guide from Our Academy, which features some of our favorite cannabis brands. The perfect way to support a more equitable industry while simultaneously getting your paws on some truly dank products.

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