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If you’re not going to court consumers by being the cheapest brand on the shelf, you need to be able to convince them that you’re offering something special. Advertising that you’re sourcing from small farms? Bragging about terroir and terpene content? That’s smart. But sometimes it’s also just bullshit. So how do you prove the authenticity of your product? Flow Kana hit the jackpot with a video they released to support the launch of their new Farmer’s Reserve line, which “showcases exceptional top-shelf sungrown flower that has been cultivated with care and precision in and around California’s famed Emerald Triangle.” 

Flow Kana Farmer's Reserve

There are some things you can’t fake, and an old school NorCal pot farmer is one of them. After watching the footage, there’s no doubt in our minds that Flow Kana collaborators Jeremiah Woodard of Livicated Farm and Chris Vaughn, who owns Woodman Peak with his wife Casey Vaughn, are the genuine article. These are guys who live and breath quality weed and certainly lend credence to Flow Cannabis CEO Michael Steinmetz’s assertion that, “With Farmer’s Reserve, we’re pairing our pride in the quality of the cannabis with the story of the farmers and their families. These legacy craft farmers have life stories that are inextricably connected to their land and which deserve celebration. It’s our honor to give them scale so that consumers across California can experience what the Emerald Triangle has to offer.”

Woodman Peak Farms cannabis

Sungrown at Woodman Peak Farms

Apart from the video, Steinmetz does an eloquent job of describing why craft California sungrown is worth it.  “What’s more,” he says, “the cannabis produced by our Farmer’s Reserve cultivators reflects the terroir in which it was nurtured, as well as the care and expertise required to grow, harvest, and cure it to perfection. Like an excellent Mendocino County Pinot Noir, Farmer’s Reserve reflects the land, the cool starry nights, the morning fog, and the afternoon heat that combine to make our area a slice of paradise. You can actually taste it in the cannabis!”

We’re sold.

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