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When the popular wellness company Papa & Barkley launched its new cannabis-infused skincare line back in March, the monstrosity we’ve come to call “2020” hadn’t yet hit its rampaging stride. But as momentum has gathered over the following months, so has a demand for hardcore stress-relieving skincare.

A captive market has never been pivotal to Papa & Barkley’s success–their commitment to using potent, sustainably grown ingredients has made them the leading topical cannabis brand in their home state of California and has earned a tenth place ranking in the Pioneer Index of hottest brands in the cannabis industry. Still, there’s much to be said for impeccable timing.

Looking at Papa & Barkley’s suite of therapeutic topicals and ingestibles, a functional skincare line seems a logical next step. Since its humble beginnings in 2016, the brand has seen rapid growth and has expanded from THC-infused products, which can be found at licensed dispensaries in California, to widely available CBD-only products (Papa & Barkley Essentials), which can be purchased on their website.

While the company places its prime emphasis on clean, sun-grown ingredients, Papa & Barkley’s solventless extraction method elevates its moisturizers and creams. Rather than using chemical extraction to produce isolates and/or distillates, fresh-pressed rosin (otherwise known as solventless hash oil) is produced through the application of heat to cannabis kief and mechanically pressing to extract the oil. The same basic method is used to extract oil from hemp flowers for the CBD formulas. The end result is a whole-plant, chemical-free extraction meant to deliver the plant’s full array of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits to tired, angry skin.

In a press release following the launch, CEO and Founder, Adam Grossman talked a bit about the products. “Our new skincare line represents more than just premium cannabis products; they show our commitment to clean, chemical-free processes to create the most effective, innovative products,” he said. “The cannabis plant is complex, and we are just beginning to understand its potential. We believe our clean sourcing and whole plant solventless processing make for greater efficacy and truly differentiated products. This new line supports our mission to improve people’s lives, by bringing functional and innovative products to the cannabis and CBD wellness markets.”

Wellness has been the driving force behind Papa & Barkley’s mission from day one. The company sprang from Adam Grossman’s success in treating his hospice bound father’s spinal stenosis with a home-brewed batch of topical cannabis balm. Shortly thereafter, Adam teamed up with chief product officer, Guy Rocourt. Together, they’ve built a brand around learning and sharing knowledge about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. “Our core consumer is educated and curious and tends to be active and a little older,” said Grossman in an interview with MG Retailer. “I personally have a soft spot for educating and caring for elderly folks. We have been coordinating lots of wonderful events in that community.”

It feels pretty safe to say that we’re all feeling a little older this year. And with a cold, isolated winter ahead, folks are likely to turn to products that can take a bit of that hard edge off. Papa & Barkley may be seeing a significant boom in sales going into 2021. 

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