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4/20’s favorite cousin 7/10 is around the corner. The oil-centric holiday has led brands to step up their products, creating clean, potent, and eye-catching concentrates that will win over enthusiasts looking to spend a little extra for this special day. 

With 7/10 landing on a Sunday this year, there’s even more incentive for brands to connect with consumers and make big sales for the stony holiday.

Let’s look at two brands that have recently launched some truly saucy extracts ahead of the big day. 


B.Y.O.Badder? System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian’s brand, 22Red, has launched a new batch of fresh concentrates in the Arizona market. Appealing to various dab-enthusiasts, the company is offering the products in both a badder and sauce form.  

Naturally, Arizona-based fans of System of a Down are likely to reach for 22Red when they see it on the shelf, but this isn’t a celebrity brand that slaps its name on the package and wins over consumers the association. Shoppers will instead be drawn to the sleek black and red packaging that houses the fresh-harvested, cryogenically-frozen concentrates, which remain aromatic and terpy. 

The new drop expands 22Red’s concentrates presence into two states–Nevada and Arizona. Though 22Red is also available in California, they have yet to add concentrates to their offerings in the Golden State.


PAX has long played an important role in the concentrates realm, so it’s no surprise that the company has 7/10 covered. The company has rolled out a three-day sale at 20% off to encourage customers to celebrate the oil holiday. 

The company also released live rosin and THCA diamonds pods compatible with PAX Era, back in February. These pods stay true to the portability that consumers expect from PAX, while venturing into the world of live rosin and THCA. Their diamonds are sourced from California flower and the live rosin pods are available in eleven different small-batch strains, appealing to customers who appreciate the novelty of small-batch flower. 

7/10 brings opportunity for clever marketing and sales 

Retailers and producers are also leveraging 7/10 to build as much hype and excitement around products as possible. A quick scroll through my Instagram feed shows a host of marketing techniques from across the industry, all with the goal of winning over oil-loving consumers. 

The Cake House in California is “Pouring it ALL into 710” with Instagram posts hinting at deals around the corner and encouraging customers to check back. Their tagline for the holiday? “Stay tuned, stay focused, concentrate!” The post includes an eye-catching visual: a video pouring out caramel-esque extracts that almost look a little too tasty to be real.

Zen Leaf dispensaries are taking a different approach, with education at the forefront. They posted a blog “What is 710 Day and Why Is It Celebrated?” and are using Instagram to lead consumers to read the blog post, and hopefully, celebrate with them once they understand the meaning behind the day.

And then there’s Xtractor Depot, makers of closed loop extraction equipment and supplies. They’re building excitement on Instagram by promoting a 710 Showcase event, which will be complete with dab bars where guests can sample various products from more than twenty-five brands, as well as technology talks for those interested in extraction technology. 

We look forward to seeing how more companies leverage the big oil holiday this year and in the future. Happy 7/10!

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