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From brands expanding into new states to P. Diddy potentially creating the largest Black-owned cannabis company in the US, it’s been a full week of weed headlines. Here’s what you may have missed this week in cannabis news:

Move over, cranberries. There’s a new crop in town. Cannabis has overtaken cranberries as the top crop in Massachusetts. The fruit brought in $66 million last year, but cannabis is reported to have brought in a whopping $362 million. That’s a big win for weed. 

It wasn’t just Garden Society entering the Garden State this week. Miss Grass has entered New Jersey as well. In partnership with Ascend Wellness Holdings, the company’s products are now available at three New Jersey locations. The move follows successful launches in Illinois and Massachusetts earlier this year. 

In an interesting marketing technique, Dablicator is on a cross-country tour. The sister company of Jetty Extracts kicked off its 2022 US van tour in California this September. Since taking off, the company has passed through Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, and West Virginia, with seven more states to visit through December. The company has been stopping at dispensaries to do product demos, giveaways, and provide education to consumers and budtenders. 

1906 drops launched in Missouri this week through a partnership with Stash House. This marks the ninth state market for the company. The initial lineup of plant-based pills includes Go, Genius, Love, Chill, Midnight, and Bump

Moldy weed’s fine, right? In a rush to launch retail, New York has dropped some of its cannabis safety standards. Why? Because growers kept failing the tests. Regulators sent out an email stating, “the office has updated its Laboratory Testing Limits document to remove the pass/fall limits associated with the Total Viable Aerobic Bacteria Count and Total Yeast and Mold Count for unextracted cannabis products (e.g. cannabis flower, pre-roll, etc).” The state will still test for pathogens like salmonella and e. Coli, but growers don’t have to worry about total yeast and mold counts. Yay?

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