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Legacy cannabis company Jade Nectar will release free THCV-rich cannabis seeds in California dispensaries this March. Proprietary claims have kept many people from accessing the highly sought-after compound, but Jade Nectar’s Cannabis Public Domain Project seeks to make cannabis compounds accessible to anyone interested in exploring their uses. 

The “FREE THE V” cannabis seeds produce between 6-10% THCV in the finished and dried flowers. Jade Nectar produced the seeds during a multi-year breeding project that sourced various landrace strains from around the globe. 

Jade Nectar is developing an online platform for users to share their THCV experiences to gain a broader understanding of the compound’s potential for both wellness and recreation. The company also plans to apply the public domain crowdsource model to other rare cannabinoids, raw-acidic cannabinoids, and various formulations and methods of consuming cannabis. 

“THCV is still a mystery, but if people report relief for a specific ailment, creative inspiration, or reduced munchies – this could help others connect with THCV if they want those same effects,” said Jeff Nordahl, founder of Jade Nectar.

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