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Canadian legacy brand Ghost Drops has announced its launch into cannabis retail after acquiring Toronto dispensary High Variety. The flagship Ghost Drops store will open this 4/20.

High Variety, known as the “house that Hash built,” was created by legacy market hash producer Mike “Hasho” Imposimato. Imposimato has been creating hash extracts in the legacy market since 2009. The acquisition brings two legacy figures into one partnership, serving as operational partners for Ghost Drops’ flagship store and for three future Ghost Drops locations set to open across Ontario by 2023. 

The flagship store will stock all Ghost Drops cannabis products and official merchandise, along with a limited menu of curated high-end products by Hasho and the Ghost Drops team. 

The partnership comes shortly after Ghost Drops transitioned from the legacy to legal market in December 2021. Their products first dropped in British Columbia before launching into Ontario last month. The company’s transition into the legal market was spearheaded by appointing Gene Bernaudo, former president and global head of IGNITE, as CEO and COO. 

“The team at High Variety has accomplished something culturally significant: we gave cannabis retail in Ontario a soul. We don’t mess around and neither does Ghost Drops. This partnership is the legacy market firmly planting its flag in the legal market,” said Mike “Hasho” Imposimato. 

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