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She might not use jelly, but what about gummies? Love Yer Brain, the cannabis brand founded by Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, is partnering with Oklahoma’s Nirvana Group to create new products and expand into additional markets, starting with expansion in Oklahoma. 

The Nirvana Group will produce a re-formulated gummy made of strain-specific, full-spectrum live resin. The first batch will feature the sativa strain Purple Haze and the indica strain Dosidos. Initial flavors include watermelon, green apple, and raspberry, with more set to appear this summer. And naturally, the gummies will be shaped like brains. We’d expect nothing less from the Oklahoman weirdo himself, Wayne Coyne. 

The new partnership puts The Nirvana Group in charge of cultivation, sourcing, and manufacturing. The company’s wholesale operation, Argent Cannabis, will handle distribution and retail across The Nirvana Group’s dispensary networks. Love Yer Brain products are currently only available to medical patients in Oklahoma, as the state has not yet introduced adult-use cannabis.

Coyne officially launched Love Yer Brain on 4/20/21. The product launch was accompanied by a Flaming Lips performance that put not only Wayne Coyne in his usual space bubble, but the entire audience inside inflatable bubbles too – a totally normal response to the pandemic’s impact on live music. 

“We’re excited to partner with Wayne at this pivotal time for the Oklahoma market and look forward to providing for both loyal Love Yer Brain fans as well as new audiences with tailored access to an array of cutting-edge, cannabis products,” said Arshad (Adam) Lasi, CEO of The Nirvana Group.

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