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Starting this week, Angelinos will be able to dig into pints of THC and CBD-infused ice cream from Mellow. The LA-based company is releasing three flavors: Mint Chocolate Chip, Himalayan Sea Salt and Caramel, and Tahitian Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup.

Mellow is not the first California company to debut stoney ice cream, but the brand’s upscale vibe and reasonable doses of THC will likely better appeal to mainstream audiences than earlier pioneers like Cannabis Creamery, whose pre-packaged, 4 ounce cup delivered a whopping 60 milligrams of THC. Strictly for profesh stoners only!

So how much THC and CBD does Mellow Ice Cream contain? Their THC ice cream ($27.95 a pint) contains 50 MG of THC, intended to be consumed in manageable 10 MG servings. Their CBD ice cream ($22.95 per pint) contains 400 MG of CBD, intended to be consumed in generous 80 MG servings.

Mellow ice cream, pre-rolls, and merchandise will be available to purchase online; the company will offer home delivery – via an electric-powered Tesla with a freezer in the trunk – in the greater Los Angeles area. The brand owners intend to quickly expand into the rest of the state.

Mellow was founded by longtime friends Jesse Bride and Enrique Gonzalez, who each witnessed the effects of painful cancer treatments in their immediate families.

“Enrique and I had a few conversations about the cannabis industry, how we were both attracted to it, and we’d both been through family situations where someone was dealing with cancer,” says Bride. “The person in my family who’d passed away couldn’t smoke or ingest cannabis oils because of the nausea, so this was a product I truly wished was there when we needed it. It lit a spark under Enrique and me and we decided to make THC-and CBD-infused ice cream at the highest level.”

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