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Santa Claus is coming to town–and he’s got the goods. Cannabis delivery service, Emjay, began offering deliveries from couriers dressed as Santa Claus this Monday and will continue the festivities through December 24th.

San Diego and Los Angeles customers will know they’ve received a Santa Claus when a car pulls up with antlers. If that doesn’t give it away, the bearded man dressed in red in the driver’s seat should do the trick. Those who are lucky enough to get a Santa are encouraged to take a picture and tag Emjay’s Instagram so the company can include a gift in their next delivery. 

“We’re always looking for ways to use the Emjay platform to uplift people’s cannabis experience, and so we’re happy to have Santa dressed couriers delivering orders to our customers this holiday season,” says Emjay CEO Chris Vaughn.

Emjay, the California-based cannabis delivery platform, launched in early 2019 and has retail locations in Los Angeles and La Mesa. 

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