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Michael Campbell MJ Unpacked

Michael Campbell

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CalEthos, Inc.

About Michael Campbell

Michael is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CalEthos, Inc. He has 35 plus years of experience in founding, financing, building, and operating companies in the tech and finance industries worldwide. Starting in the early eighties as an executive of a premier Southern California computer retailer and spending the next fifteen years building numerous tech companies including joint ventures with the Russian, Chinese and Spanish governments. In 2000, he created a business advisory firm that helped emerging companies raise hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and equity growth capital. Specialized in merging private companies into public entities and financing them through public capital markets. Successfully engineered and orchestrated numerous reverse mergers, financings, and hyper-organic-growth and consolidation strategies. Over the last four years, initially working with cannabis companies to access capital to now building a chain of Southern California superstores to serve the growing cannabis consumer market.