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Mitch Meyers MJ Unpacked

Mitch Meyers

Partner - Chief Executive Officer

About Mitch Meyers

Backed by an impressive resume of achievements in the marketing field, Mitch Meyers brings a fresh perspective to the cannabis and hemp industry.  After spending several years in the accounting and audit field, Mitch realized that marketing and product development was her true calling.  She was hired to introduce Bud Light for Anheuser-Busch, which is now the largest selling beer in the world.  AB subsequently put her in charge of leading their new products group for 6 years. She was named AdWeek’s Advertising Woman of the Year in 1996.

After leaving there, she formed a marketing and brand development agency, The Zipatoni Company, that worked with many Fortune 100 companies delivering strategic insights and business development programs.  She and her partners built the agency to 350 employees, offices in 5 states and $42 MM in revenue annually.  They were acquired by IPG, the Interpublic Group in 2003.

Since that time she has entered the cannabis industry receiving a dispensary license in the highly competitive Illinois medical market in 2014. 

The following year, she received a cultivation, production and dispensing license in Missouri for CBD to treat Epilepsy.  She continues to consult with companies around the country on cannabis business. Mitch’s seasoned marketing expertise, coupled with her passion for the plant, products and the ultimate patients, makes her one of the leading faces of the cannabis industry.