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Remember when your had three options for getting stoned? You could smoke a pipe, puff a joint, or eat some pungent homemade brownie containing unknown quantities of THC? We remember those days, and we’re not nostalgic. A favorite aspect of our work here is checking out all the new methods of imbibing, as well as weed accessories that seem like they were designed by Q. Here’s the fresh products that caught our eye this spring.

The Vault smell-proof stash container


Black Box Goods has created a stash container for the cannabis enthusiast who doubles as an action hero.  The Vault is crafted of a robust fabric bolstered with carbon fiber sheets. The waterproof case can stand up to 50 pounds of crushing force and has interior compartments . But you had us at smell-proof. If only we’d had this technology during prohibition…

Nuggies chocolate pretzel snacks


We love a good gummy here at MJBI, but we also applaud the brands that are getting creative with their THC-infused snacks. Salty, sweet, and crunchy? Yes, please! High Life Farms, a Michigan-based operation that produces for Wana and Kiva, launched Nuggies, chocolatey THC-infused pretzel shells.  We’ve come a long way since that dubious brownie.

House of Terpenes sparkling beverages


Truss Beverage Co released House of Terpenes, with three sparkling flavors that showcase a specific terpene. We dig the stylish grey bottles with botanical illustrations and the flavor concepts, like Myrcene paired with tarragon, orange peel, clove, and cinnamon.  The brand is riding two trends: terpene-forward products and sophisticated cannabis beverages. Smart.

ebb dissolvable fast-acting THC


ebb dissolvable thcBilled as a perfect post workout recovery, ebb is a fast-acting THC powder that can be added to food or beverages. Launched by the team responsible for Colorado’s TasteBudz, ebb really has it all: attractive eco-friendly packaging and an innovative, inexpensive, and versatile product. Consumers can choose between ebb with vitamin C, electrolytes, or a flavor-free version that and can be added to anything from smoothies to guacamole. The product costs around $20 and contains ten packets that each deliver 10 mg of THC.

Select Squeeze fast-acting THC


Described as a THC “beverage enhancer,” Squeeze is a pocket-sized plastic container that holds 100-150 mg of fast-acting THC, which can be used to amend any beverage. The container is designed to release in 5 mg increments, allowing for precise dosing and long shelf life. Squeeze currently comes in three flavors, as well as the flavorless “hint of sweet.” This product is noteworthy not only for its innovation, but also in the scope of its launch. Select originally launched Squeeze in nine states, followed by an additional five states in April.

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