Listen to Snippets of Intel from Industry Leaders

Past clips of MJ Unpacked Conference Sessions

Cannabis Unshackled 4:52

Charlie Cain, fmr VP of Global Retail at Tilray, shares his vision of the future of retail.

Optimize Terpenes Extraction 2:34

Dr. Ethan Russo, Founder/CEO of CReDO Science, discusses the best (or worst) practices to extract terpenes with Mike Hennesy, VP of Innovation at Wana Brands.

Reaching the Consumer 2:49

Joe Hodas, CMO at Wana Brands, shares an example of how Wana used an innovative way to reach the consumer.

Are Social Equity Initiatives Working? 4:26

Kika Keith, Founder at Life Development Group, discusses how social equity initiatives aren’t working with Ricardo Baca, CEO at Grasslands.

CA Consumer Insights 2:34

Roy Bingham, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at BDSA, shares insights into the CA cannabis consumer.

Managing Staff during COVID-19 3:24

Debbie McHugh, Chief of Staff at Grasslands, discusses the need for authentic leadership during crisis times with Patrick Rea, CEO at Canopy Boulder.

How do Purchasing Managers Select New Products? 2:06

Chris Young, Director of Retail Operations at Skymint, gives his thoughts on slotting fees and partnerships vs sales pitches.