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As we noted this spring, it’s been a big year for Nabis. The tech-centric cannabis distributor already works with over 99% of California dispensaries and today announced the opening of a new fulfillment center that will further expand its reach. 

The 20,000 square-foot climate-controlled facility in Los Angeles allows Nabis to store three times the amount of product and facilitate up to 1,200 orders per week, a 300% increase from their former locale. Nabis now holds 46,000 square feet of warehouse space dedicated to storing and distributing cannabis products in California, making it the largest cannabis distributor in the state. But the expansion isn’t just about size, the larger facility will enable Nabis to onboard partner brands in a wide range of product categories and offer additional services, such as third-party product testing.

“Our mission is to empower the world to discover cannabis by providing choice, access and innovation,” said Vince Ning, CEO and co-founder of Nabis. “One of the ways we define success is through the number of quality brands that we can bring to market. With this new SoCal facility, we now have the infrastructure to support the growing demand for a diverse set of brands, truly democratizing the cannabis space.”

Since the launch of their marketplace platform in late 2020, Nabis has added a total of 64 brand partners. Recent additions include State FlowerSpace Coyoteand Wana Brands.

Nabis is already searching for a third distribution center in California to continue meeting sales growth estimates.  The company is also focused on expanding its distribution network to new markets in order to provide partners with the opportunity to grow their brand nationally.