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Consumption lounges may get mainstreamed in Nevada by the end of the year. The Nevada Cannabis Control Board (CCB) approved regulations for on-site consumption on Tuesday, with plans to award the first on-site consumption licenses this fall. Though Nevada lawmakers approved social use provisions in 2019, it is currently only permitted on tribal land through the Paiute Tribe.

The CCB sent letters to eligible retailers last year under the assumption that permits would go out by the end of the year. The process took longer than anticipated, though, and eligible retail license holders are now playing the waiting game. In the first license round, half of the independent licenses will go to social equity applicants. Businesses must submit a “diversity plan” outlining how they will carry out an inclusive business. 

The lounges will either be in designated rooms for smoking in specific areas, or outside. Patrons will be limited to an eighth of usable cannabis during their stay, and they cannot bring unused product home. Edibles, tinctures, and capsules with more than 10 mg of THC will be required to have a warning label denoting potency. 

We look forward to watching this play out, and maybe even smoking a joint inside next time we visit the Silver State. 

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