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With winter around the corner and plenty of holiday-themed product drops on the horizon, we can’t skip over the latest innovations from the previous months. Here are our favorite new products to hit the shelves this season. 

Helmand Valley Growers Company Chillums 

Helmand Valley Growers Company are calling their Chillums the future of pre-rolls, and that doesn’t seem like a huge stretch. HVGC Chillums are pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass pipes packed with flower that’s dusted with THC diamonds. A cap cuts airflow inside the load chamber, preserving the integrity of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Better yet, HVGC’s Chillums can be refilled with the flower of your choice. Plus, the veteran-owned company will be donating 100% of the profits from the American-made Chillums to the Battle Brothers Foundation, which takes a holistic approach to helping soldiers return to civilian life and funds studies on how cannabis can help treat veterans’ PTSD and pain. HVGC is available in California. 

American Weed Co. CBN joint 

Speaking of badass veterans, American Weed Co. launched in California on the eve of Veterans’ Day. The veteran-owned brand is dedicated to making cannabis legal and available to veterans. In addition to this venerable mission, we’re excited about their CBN “sleep joint,” which they named “Armored Angel” after the legendary World War II bomber. Their line of pre-rolls, dubbed “rockets” share the World War II-theme and come in sturdy tins with retro styling. The company will be donating 10% of their net profits per year to Stop Soldier Suicide.

Wana Optimals Stay Asleep Gummies

Regular readers will notice that I love CBN. And I love Wana products. And I’m a freaking insomniac. So of course I’m psyched on the launch of Wana Optimals Stay Asleep, a higher dose and melatonin-free elaboration on their original sleep gummies. Each “dream berry” Stay Asleep gummy contains 20mg CBD to promote REM sleep, 5mg CBN to relieve tension, 5mg CBG for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects, 10mg THC to help regulate the body’s circadian rhythm, and more than thirty specialized terpenes. The reason we’re enamored with Wana products is that we can count on the company’s extensive and innovative R&D process. So we have high hopes for a dreamy winter. Currently available in Colorado, with plans to soon expand into additional states. 

Kosmik Banana Gama Gummies 

We always love to see something new in the edibles space, and these gummies from Kosmik take the cake…er pie. Inspired by banana cream pudding and pie, the THC candies feature a vanilla cream center crusted in graham cracker crumbles. We’re also impressed with the brand’s marketing chops. While launching at MJ Unpacked Vegas this September, they announced a contest wherein customers could win a one-of-a-kind puzzle by the artist Hancock. The theme? A monkey astronaut enjoying Banana Gama gummies. Additionally, the company orchestrated a collaboration with Gaz Monkey, a dispensary in Warr Acres, Oklahoma. Owned by supporters of Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled, the store features a monkey playground inhabited by a beloved capuchin named Lola. Currently the gummies are available in Oklahoma. 

Dream Edibles Potdots 

While some of my colleagues here at Jage Media are truly in the big leagues when it comes to cannabis consumption, I’m something of a lightweight. Or at least I prefer a “wait and see” approach to edibles. So I was psyched to see Potdots, a new product from the Dream Edibles line from Lion Labs. These 1 mg Belgian milk-chocolate pieces are candy-coated and designed for people who want to start out in the kiddie pool with the option to actually join the party later. Available in Michigan. 

Good Tide Wyld 

The Oregon-based MSO has launched a new brand of vegan THC edibles made with real fruit and boasting a full-spectrum experience. We’re big supporters of the trend toward live rosin edibles, and Wyld is a company that typically delivers on every level: marketing, product quality, and sustainability. In a serious bonus, Good Tide is Climate Neutral Certified and has plastic-free, fully recyclable and compostable packaging.

Pax Plus

Pax has been busy. In November, the company launched two dry herb vaporizer devices and a line of flower infused with solventless hash. Pax Plus will take the place of Pax 3 as the brand’s flagship device, and has new built-in “experience modes” —Stealth, Efficiency, Balance, and Boost—to provide different combinations of flavor and vapor with one push of the mouthpiece, no app needed. As someone who loves the Pax 3 but is too lazy to use a vape app, I’m excited to give this a spin. 

Heavy Hitters Lights On 

Weed without munchies? Heavy Hitters promises just that with these strain-specific THCv gummies. In keeping with the premise that Lights On provides an energetic high, the branding is neon green and has an “x-treme” vibe. A blend of melon, kiwi, and sour apple, each gummy contains 20 mg of THC and 10 mg of THC. Given that this product was recommended to me by our own Wendy Campbell, one of the most high-energy people I’ve ever met, I have high hopes that it’ll provide the kick I so desire. 

Hello Again period and hangover

As someone who may have experienced a hangover or two and definitely suffers from horrible period pain, I was intrigued to see this new product from Hello Again, the California-based company founded by two women who got their start making vaginal suppositories to ease the discomfort of menopause. The suppositories target the reproductive system’s high concentration of cannabinoid receptors, allowing  consumers to harness the power of THC in higher doses without the psychoactive high. Hello Again Hangover harnesses THC, CBD and botanicals like turmeric and avocado oil to alleviate brain fog, pain and anxiety. Hello Again Period suppository combines 10mg THC and 20mg CBD with botanicals such as ylang ylang and lemon balm to help alleviate menstrual cramps and other monthly pains.

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