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Despite an increasing number of troubled state markets, a steady influx of new cannabis brands and products crossed our desks this summer. Mostly we noticed innovative twists on existing trends. As expected, we’re continuing to see new products featuring so-called rare cannabinoids as well as more thoughtful approaches to the branding of flower. Here are six launches that stood out to us this summer. 

Garden Society Rosettes 

California’s Garden Society is a fun brand to watch: from wine-flavored gummies to lifting other women up, these ladies bring an innovative spirit to THC CPG. Their latest offering is no exception: designed for the woman on-the-go who needs an afternoon pick-me-up, these mini pre-rolls are high in THCV (purported to boost energy) and low in THC (11%). In keeping with Garden Society’s mission to support craft farmers, this Pink Boost Goddess strain is grown outdoors by Mendocino’s Emerald Spirit Botanicals. Ten pre-rolls come in a matte-black pack emblazoned in silver and a scrolling botanical design. We approve. 

Native Roots Gold Label 

In June, Colorado’s Native Roots launched their Gold Label line, which promises “a small-batch, handcrafted cannabis experience.” To keep phenotypes unique to Native Roots, all Gold Label strains are grown from the seeds of a mother plant. Each product has a minimum THC ratio of 24%, and the flower is slow-cured and hand-trimmed. In keeping with the “premium” experience, the packaging is luxe: a matte black container contrasts with an ultra-glossy lid, and the titular gold label has interesting stylized details. The drams are smell-proof, airtight, and protect against UV. 

Calyxeum Gummies

As regular readers know, we are huge fans of Calyxeum, a brand built by two women who grow their own and are devoted to giving back to the Detroit community while building a more inclusive industry in Michigan. So we’re happy to report on the brand’s launch of their long-awaited gummies, which come in three flavors: blueberry pie, key lime pie, and peach cobbler. The detail-oriented founders have been thoughtful about branding to the point of choosing strains to match their orange and purple color scheme, so we’re not surprised that this trifecta of desert flavors are orange, purple, and green.


Escape Artists Sleep Tincture 

Insomniacs rejoice! This woman-led Colorado company has added a sleep tincture to their arsenal of science-forward cannabis products. A dose of Escape Artists Sleep Tincture contains 1.2mg of THC, along with CBD, CBN, CBG and select soothing terpenes. The lemon-chamomile tincture is built on a base of organic coconut (MCT) carrier oil for sublingual delivery. As usual, the company keeps their branding simple yet appealing: containers in their trademark teal are emblazoned with their silver logo.


Pax Diamonds

In June, the California brand launched Pax Diamonds for their ERA line of portable pods. Pax representatives say their aim was to deliver a pure, potent product at a “disruptive” price point ($40). They promise a “true to cultivar” taste with greater than 95% THC. Pax Diamonds are available in seven strains, including perennial fan favorites OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Durban Poison. The eye-catching pink and turquoise packaging has a fun ‘80s disco vibe.

Vicious Citrus infused lemonade 

Xebra launched this non-sparkling lemonade in Canada in July and expects to launch additional flavors later this year. Vicious Citrus infused lemonade is notable for containing CBN, a relative rarity in the Canadian THC beverage market. Also notable: Working within the constraints of Canada’s absurdly stringent packaging laws, the company had nonetheless managed to create bright, bold branding that should stand out on the shelf. 

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