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Six of the seven companies on this list are based in the Golden State. We didn’t do this on purpose—these are just the season’s new products that jumped out at us. From launching cyber weed to stealing legendary mixologists from the craft cocktail movement, here’s more evidence that California knows how to party. 

Wine gummies from Garden Society

Are you a fan of weed, wine, and women? Garden Society has you covered. This woman-owned California cannabis brand drew on its wine country roots to create fast-acting gummies infused with real wine concentrate. The gummies come in Tart Cherry Pinot Noir, Peach Prosecco, and Sparkling Strawberry Rosé, and each contain a varying blend of THC and CBD. Garden Society has always leaned into the feminine, in both aesthetic, product development, and their work to lift other women up. This latest product line seems like a truly fun and creative variation on that theme. 

Buy weed in the metaverse

Some of us barely understand what the metaverse is, but evidently, you can now buy weed there. Saucey Farms & Extracts and Higher Life CBD Dispensary have launched the first THC products in the metaverse. According to their press, organically-grown flower strains, cannabis oil cartridges, and kiefed pre-rolls can now be found at “The Higher Life CBD Dispensary on 3 Dendrite Street, near Igloo 3 in Cryptovoxels.” Saucey items can be purchased with regular currency as well as cryptocurrency. 

Flower Mill Premium Expansion Pack

We don’t get a chance to try every new product we write about in these round-ups, but Arizona-based Flower Mill is on our radar because our fearless leader, George Jage, is a huge fanboy of the high-end grinders, which are engineered to crumble rather than tear your weed. This new expansion pack is designed for use with their premium edition grinder and allows users to swap between a total of four screen sizes to fine-tune the milling process.

Fruit Slabs Sours

A fruit roll-up for adults? Sweet. For the first time in four years, this popular Northern California cannabis brand will be releasing a new product line, which consists of sour versions of longstanding flavors of THC fruit leathers. Fruit Slabs are notable for having all their boxes checked for the eco and health-conscious consumer: the Kosher vegan edibles come in biodegradable packaging, are made with sustainably sourced fruits, contain only five ingredients, and are free of pectin and added sugar. 

Next Level Coconut Oil and Brown Sugar

Another brand that has a lot to offer the conscientious consumer, Next Level is an Oakland-based, Black-owned, family-owned, and veteran-owned business with a commitment to sourcing craft flower from Northern California farms. But they also have a lot to offer for the creative cook. This winter Next Level launched a 100% organic coconut oil that they describe as “enhanced by the robust terpene profiles the cultivators gain from the area’s unique terroir.” This can be paired with their organic brown sugar, which is infused with a fast-acting cannabinoid formulation. For the lazier chef, the company also offers CBD and THC brownie mix and cookie mix. 

Indiva Jewels Cannabis Tarts

Taking the microdose trend to the next level, these tart candies contain only 1 mg of THC, which should appeal to both the cannacurious and those of us who like to mellow into the workday while remaining productive and focused. The vegan candies are made with real berries and available in two flavors: Raspberry 1:1 CBD/THC and Strawberry THC. Indiva launched Jewels in Ontario in January and plans to launch in BC and Alberta dispensaries this spring. The company is notable for holding Canadian licenses to produce a number of popular products, including Grön™ Pips and Pearls, Bhang® Chocolate, and Wana™ Sour Gummies.

Klaus Cannabis Cocktails 

Crafted by Warren Bobrow, Klaus is the result of the famed mixologist’s switch in allegiance from craft liquor cocktails to craft cannabis cocktails. Klaus cocktails are terpene-forward, made with full-spectrum cannabis, fast-acting, and blessed with Bobrow’s distinctive flair for the creative. Their first offering, the Mezzrole, features ginger, lime, rice vinegar, 1 mg of CBD, and 10 mg of THC. More readymade cannabis cocktails such as the 1851 Zombie are soon to follow. The brand launched in Sebastopol, California, this week. 

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