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For the folks at Oregon-based Nu Project, a group working to build wealth and opportunity for Black and Brown communities in legal cannabis, small is the new big. At least, that’s what their upcoming Love Camp is all about. The two-day event outside of Portland, Oregon is centered around mental health, wellness, and community. While these topics are extremely important for founders’ success, they can easily fall to the wayside, especially for historically-excluded founders who find themselves so busy raising capital and complying with endless regulations they might not have five minutes to meditate and most certainly don’t have time to drive into the woods for a hike. 

Love Camp is happening August 15th and 26th, 2022, and all of its attendees are historically-excluded founders, with the majority being Black. Nu Project is bringing these communities together on a working farm and corporate retreat space, where they can take in the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, recharge, and get a needed dose of self care. And to keep it truly small and focused on its mission, the event is limited to just twenty founders. 

These twenty professionals will enjoy yoga, acupuncture, sound baths, guided nature walks, and massages. But it’s not all about rest and renewal. It’s also about inspiration. The founders will also hear from seasoned entrepreneurs, like Ben Cohen from Ben and Jerry’s and Lavetta Willis from Dada Supreme, Players’ Only, and the Weber Wild Fund. These experts will share their stories, including their mental journeys, to help Love Camp entrepreneurs maintain their motivations to succeed. 

The event also aims to expand networks for historically-excluded founders in worthwhile ways, culminating with a five-course alfresco, Founders & Funders Sunset Dinner. This infused meal will be served cliffside, overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. 

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