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Chocolate is now on the menu for patients registered in the Texas Compassionate Use Program. Goodblend™ Texas, a retail brand from privately-held multi-state operator Parallel, announced today the launch of the first cannabis chocolate bar for Texas medical marijuana patients. The Heights dark chocolate bar marks the fifth first-to-market Texas cannabis product launched by Parallel in the last year.  

The product launch comes after Parallel invested $25 million in a new cannabis cultivation, production, and retail facility in San Marcos last year, as well as its recent launch of retail brand goodblend™. It also comes after the Lone Star State expanded its allowable THC limit from 0.5% to 1% for medical patients in the summer of 2021. Although Texas also added more qualifying conditions like all cancers and PTSD to the Compassionate-Use Act, the state’s program remains one of the country’s most restrictive. 

Available starting March 15th, the new chocolate bar was designed by goodblend’s chocolatier and comes with 5mg of THC per square and 100 mg per bar. The chocolate bar will exclusively be available at goodblend Texas starting at $35.

“Goodblend is proud to be the first medical cannabis dispensary in Texas to offer medical marijuana chocolate to patients across the Lone Star State,” said Gene Tallman, President of goodblend Texas. “Studies suggest that by infusing THC with lipids like those found in chocolate, the beneficial THC experience may be amplified. This is great news for patients who need long-lasting relief from conditions such as PTSD, cancer, or neurological diseases.”

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