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Did you spend last 4/20 in the sad blue light of Zoom? Do you long for the return of in-person events? If you live in Washington state, you may be in luck. Dave Tran and James Zachodni of Seattle’s Farechild Events have conceived the perfect event for a re-opening world. They teamed up with Cultiva Law and other sponsors to host the second annual Chronic Relief. This year’s event will be a charity golf tournament to benefit The Cannabis Alliance, an industry advocacy group.

“People are wanting to get out, and golf provides the opportunity for outdoor social distancing, but still allows us to bring our community together,” says attendee George Jage, CEO and co-founder of MJ Unpacked and MJ Brand Insights.

The event will be held at Echo Falls Golf Club. In the words of the organizers:  “Golfers will enjoy a day with their fellow industry professionals playing 18-holes in a fun yet competitive shotgun-start tournament with surprise hospitality moments, celebrity guest appearances, media coverage, fundraising and fun.”

Tran and Zachodni have captured the spirit of the event in Caddyshack inspired promo videos.

It seems appropriate that the second annual Chronic Relief will be one of the first live events for Washington’s industry. The first annual Chronic Relief, which was held on 4/20 of 2020, was, arguably, the first virtual industry fundraiser of the pandemic.

When Tran and Zachodni realized the world was going to hell in a hand basket, they were quick to pivot. “We felt like we had to do something,” Zachodni recalls. Alarm over job loss and food insecurity was high, so Zachodni and Tran decided to mobilize the cannabis community with an old school/new school telethon to raise funds for Feeding America

The five hour event covered 4:20 in its entirety, beginning an hour before 4:20 on the east coast and ending after the west coast had put down their bongs. Celebrities, including Whoopi Goldberg, Montel Williams, and Melissa Ethridge, donated video clips and Chronic Relief made it rain.

“It was a feel-good thing, ” Zachodni says.

This year they decided they wanted to go big and go live–provided they could dream up an event that would be reasonably safe. A golf course seemed like the perfect venue. Tran, who is an avid golfer, was immediately on board.

“He was like ‘yes! this is the greatest idea ever!’ He was so happy,” Zachodni says with a laugh. He wasn’t alone. The cannabis community was quick to respond, paying to play and snapping up the sponsorship options. Zachodni expects the last of the foursome spots to sell this weekend. Jage no doubt echoes the sentiments of many attendees when he sums up his reason for going: “It brings together three of my favorite things: golf, weed, and friends.”

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