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Although 4/20 remains our biggest holiday, the cannabis industry sees significant sales spikes during the weeks leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah. It’s clear that consumers in mature markets are beginning to see edibles as viable stocking stuffers or at least a reliable path to holiday cheer. But when it comes to seasonal marketing, most brands aren’t yet taking full advantage. Here’s a look at the handful of brand leaders who’re shaking the legacy of prohibition and working within packaging restrictions to position themselves for mainstream holiday appeal.

Kiva Peppermint Bark

Kiva is ahead of the curve with their seasonal products. Their perennial holiday favorite features dark chocolate infused with THC and topped with swirls of white chocolate. Our verdict: The branding here is spot-on: Kiva’s embossed earth-tone packaging contrasts with the red and gold label to create a look that is understated yet enticing.

Caliva Holiday Edition: Cannabis Infused Deli Nickels

With flavors of cardamom and blood orange, these limited edition gummies each deliver 5 mg of THC from a sativa-leaning hyrbid. Our verdict: This packaging is decidedly festive but not holiday-specific, which is smart.

Canna Organix Gluelato Holiday Ornament

Canna Organix, a Washington-based company, took a more overtly Christmas-y approach to packaging buds–in a plastic candy cane that doubles as a dank Christmas tree ornament. The candy cane, which retails for about $35, contains an eighth of Gluelato, an in-house strain that’s a cross of Gelato 41 and The Glue. According to the growers, “She produces dense, ridiculously frosty mid-sized buds marbled with purple throughout.” Our verdict: This is fun, funny, and a clever way to call attention to your brand.

Two Roots Shadow Monk Beer

For the winter holiday season, California-based Two Roots has issued Shadow Monk, a non-alcoholic beer that tastes like “caramel, date, pear, bubble gum, and citrus” and delivers a sessionable dose of THC (5 mg). Our verdict: We’re not sold on bubble gum as a beer flavor, but Two Roots seems to be doing everything else right. Cheers!

Kanha Nano Sugar Plum Gummies

From California-based crowd favorite Kanha, these sugar plum gummies are tasty and fast-acting. Our verdict: Kanha’s designers have successfully integrated their slightly hippie aesthetic with a pretty snowflake motif, and sugar plum is a clever holiday flavor.

Holiday Punch Bar

No gimmicks here. Just a tasty gingerbread cookie, white chocolate topping, and 90 mg of THC to ease your holiday stress. Punch Edibles, a California-based brand that’s now moving into the Oklahoma market, have won multiple awards for their treats. Our verdict: Punch is successfully capitalizing on their culinary chops with fun graphics and savvy marketing.

Rooted Hemp Co. CBD Holiday Gift Box

A leader in small-batch and organic hemp products, Oregon’s Rooted Hemp Co. is marketing a holiday gift box that contains five flavors of tincture, a lip balm, and an artisanal chocolate bar with full-spectrum CBD. Our verdict: By marketing these products in a gift-wrapped box, Rooted Hemp Co is positioning their products for optimal holiday sales. Moreover, the packaging isn’t overtly Christmas-oriented, which widens the field of potential consumers.

Tauri-Gum Hanukah Gift Special

One of the few companies that’s marketing to Hanukah, the CBD company Tauri-Gum has released a festival of lights gift package that contains kosher chocolate coins infused with 20 mg of CBD, various flavors of the company’s flagship gum, a wooden dreidel, and a raffle ticket to win a 14K gold dreidel necklace. Our verdict: Probably not something you could get away with in the realm of THC, but CBD chocolate coins for Hanukah is genius, and it’s a fun idea to include other on-theme gift items in addition to the candies.

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