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Ohio isn’t just for lovers. It’s also for cannabis lovers. For now, you need to have a medical card to enjoy Ohio cannabis brands. That said, efforts to move forward with legalization have been successful so far and we think recreational weed will be legal in Ohio soon enough. Naturally, some cannabis brands in the Buckeye State have already caught our eye, and we can expect to see more as the state gets closer to legalization. Here are our picks for Ohio cannabis brands to watch. 

Firelands Scientific

This Ohio cannabis company has a dispensary in Huron, as well as a large catalog of products available throughout the state. Their flower is sungrown in a full-glass cannabis greenhouse, slow cured, and hand-trimmed. From lustrous vaping devices to health-conscious granola bites, their portfolio appeals to consumers of all types. 

Product standouts include Luster Pods, which feature a sleek cartridge with broad-spectrum single-strain cannabis oil for consumers who want an elegant smoke-free experience. Their Dablicator is a creative way to medicate, as it dispenses a precise dose of live rosin oil when users twist and click the pen-like tip. The company also produces gummies, tinctures, and salves. 

With their  clear dedication to quality and sophistication, we’re excited to see how this brand grows with the industry. 


This woman-owned cannabis company was founded by Peg Hollenbeck. They offer a full product line with full-spectrum and distillate cartridges, lotions, capsules, tinctures, and fast-acting edibles. Their gluten-free brown butter honey pistachio baked chew (made with Amish butter) had me wishing I was in Ohio with a medical card. For now, I’ll hope that Beneleaves expands into the rec market when Ohio makes it official so I can take a trip to buy some goodies and pet their adorable doggy mascot.

Buckeye Relief 

Since opening in 2017, Buckeye Relief has made a big name for itself in the Buckeye State. The company is the exclusive Ohio provider for several national brands, including Wana, Willie’s Reserve, and Old Pal. 

They describe their team as cultivators first, though they also create edibles, diamonds, vape cartridges, and live resin badder. Their packaging is bright and colorful, and the overall branding and cultivator-first attitude give us the feeling that this is a company worth trusting–as does their ability to win the confidence of Wana and other big-name brands with high standards of quality.


The Certified Kind brand from Akron is a prime example of sustainable cannabis practices. Galenas got its “Certified Kind” credentials in 2019 from a third-party agency that looks for organic production methods and sustainable resource management. The vertically-integrated company operates two brands: Shire Cannabis and ELXR. 

The Galenas facilities include clear transition spaces and hermetically-sealed doors, reaching laboratory-grade status. Their ELXR Extracts are based on terpene-forward strains made from CO2 extraction methods. The retail brand Shire Cannabis Co. has yet to announce a location, though there have been talks of it opening in “The Dome” in Kent. The company has also outlined plans to grow its footprint across the midwest and northeast. 

Woodward Fine Cannabis

When it comes to conscientious cannabis in Ohio, Woodward Fine Cannabis has a story worth telling. This company gets its name from Dr. William Creighton Woodward, who testified to Congress about the medical potential of cannabis in the late 1930s.

In honor of Dr. Woodward’s efforts, Woodward Fine Cannabis has made it their mission to cultivate quality cannabis for medical users in Ohio. They’ve been in the game since 2001 with a large portfolio of potent strains. As we move closer toward recreational cannabis in Ohio, we expect to see even more of Woodward Fine Cannabis. 

Klutch Cannabis 

Founded in April of 2020, Klutch Cannabis entered the Ohio market during the uncertain beginning of the pandemic. By October, the company had formed a partnership with multistate operator Kiva Confections, allowing them to bring Kiva’s edible products to the Ohio medical market. 

Klutch Cannabis offers its own line of strains, along with a Josh D line of OG Kush varieties, created by industry pioneer Josh Del Rosso. They also have a wellness line called Mind & Body, which offers tinctures, capsules, and topicals. 

Considering that they recently raised $10 million from investors, we can safely say Klutch Cannabis will continue to grow with the Ohio cannabis industry. 

Certified Cultivators

After making its first deliveries in pandemic-frenzied October of 2020, family-owned Certified Cultivators has grown to become a well-loved and respected Ohio cannabis brand. They produce flower, cartridges, extracts, and fast-acting edibles, including fruity CBN gummies formulated to help consumers fall asleep. 

Highlighting the company’s dedication to quality cannabis is their custom-designed environmental controls and lighting, irrigation, and fertigation systems. These make for idyllic growing conditions year-round and guarantee their products hit a high standard. It also lends to the development of interesting strains like their Red Pop varieties, which are exotic phenotypes of Strawberries and Cream crossed with GMO, Falcon 9, and other unique genetics. 

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