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Black women are taking charge in the virtual cannabis world, using their platforms to showcase substantive original content. By offering everything from educational tools to one-of-a-kind accessories, these creative women are using Instagram to create growing spheres of interest. Here we highlight some of the black women whose voices and content are set to influence larger swaths of the cannabis sector in 2021.

Up in Smoke

The brainchild of Datrianna Green-Meeks, @UpInSmokeSession is all about creating a welcoming space for people who are new to cannabis. The page features 101 info like breaking down the myths and truths behind indica vs sativa and looking into flavor profiles and effects associated with different terpenes. The sophisticated design is soothing, as are the ASMR-like clouds that populate the stories while showing off seriously nice glass from partnering brands. In terms of welcoming new people into the world of cannabis, Up In Smoke has set the bar high.


Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey’s Instagram is cannabis lifestyle with a Mexican twist. Based in Mexico, Mennlay is an author, podcast host, and co-founder of Xula Herbs, a hemp brand geared toward supporting healthy hormones for women. She describes her mission as “exploring the African diaspora in Mexico through food & weed,” and features plenty of eye candy visuals without skimping on substance. Overall her content feels like a celebration of culture and exemplifies how cannabis can be part of a healthy, joyful, and multicultural lifestyle.

Blunt Blowin’ Mama

Blunt Blowin Mama

Shonitria Anthony seeks to destigmatize the use of cannabis among moms. In addition to her podcast, the Instagram page (@BluntBlowinMama) is a place to find live and recorded chats on topics like smoking while pregnant and breastfeeding. The page also features fun snippets of dancing and being joyful while showing off the Blunt Blowin Mama merch.

Shanel Lindsay

Shanel LindsayShanel Lindsay is the creator of Ardent LLC, the multitool branded as the Easy-Bake Oven of edibles, which allows you to decarb, infuse, and bake in one table-top device. She is an attorney who remains instrumental in fighting for equitable cannabis legislation on a local level. Her page, @ShanelLindsay, is a one stop resource to connect with the leaders driving social equity in the industry.

Cannabis Noire

Created by Sheena Roberson, the page @Cannabis_Noire is a casual place to soak up cannabis jokes and memes, while staying current on research, news, and events. It started as a platform to provide access to cannabis as medicine, especially for minorities who have been disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs. While her page has a lighthearted feel, it’s full of resources to help people sign up for medical marijuana, learn about expungement, and access mental health services, housing, and employment opportunities. It’s all linked in the bio.

Cannabis Cutie

Tammy Pettigrew Tammy Pettigrew is the cannabis advocate behind @TheCannabisCutie, an account that puts cannabis education and history front and center. The very pretty aesthetic makes it easy to endlessly scroll the content that mixes humor with posts that actively de-stigmatize regular use of cannabis. In addition to her free content she offers courses and a book club for those looking to make a deeper connection or take their knowledge to a higher level. 

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