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SKYMINT Brands, Michigan’s largest vertically integrated cannabis company, today announced the opening of a giant new grow facility. SKYMINT Farms spans 200-acres in the Huron-Manistee National Forest. The company promises the farm will be focused on the values of regenerative farming, sustainable agriculture, and providing jobs and support to the local communities in Lake County, one of the poorest regions in Michigan.

“Michigan is known for its 3,000 acres of wine grape vineyards and nearly 10 million acres of farmland that give our state a dynamic food and agriculture industry. With SKYMINT Farms, we are on a mission to additionally put Michigan on the map for cultivating some of our nation’s best sungrown cannabis,” says SKYMINT Brands’ CEO and co-founder Jeff Radway.

James Barr, SKYMINT Farms’ lead cultivator and project overseer, touts the virtues of sungrown cannabis. “Natural light is much more complex than what even the best indoor lights can mimic,” Barr says. “Cannabis loves the sun and expresses itself very differently when farmed outdoors. Cannabinoid and terpene production is greater, and the plant is more resilient.”

In a press release, SKYMINT promises its cannabis will be grown using the sun as the primary source of power and rain water as the primary source of irrigation. The new farm will practice crop rotation and intercropping, and will eventually include grazing animals.

With this new facility and 11 retail locations, SKYMINT is poised to continue expanding its already extensive roster of brands, which include North Cannabis, Jolly Edibles, and Two Joints, which supports the critical efforts of Last Prisoner Project.

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