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As summer temperatures soar, Oklahomans are flocking to dispensaries to buy THC slushies. At Fighting Flower, the drinks, which cost $15, are dispensed into childproof cups from a machine purchased from Glazee, a company that also provides the THC-infused syrup. “They’re completely compliant under my understanding of the law,” owner Drew Todhunter told Tulsa News on 6.

However, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) begs to differ. The organization has issued a statement that “marijuana-infused slushies are unlikely to meet requirements set forth in Oklahoma statutes and rules.” OMMA reminds retailers that the slushies are food products and therefore must be compliant with the Oklahoma State Department of Health food regulations. They go on to state “The medical marijuana production batch that must be tested is the finished product. In this instance, the finished product is the slushy mixture to be dispensed to patients/caregivers, not the syrup. If water, ice, or any other substance is added to the product, additional testing is required to ensure the product is safe for consumption and final-product labeling is accurate.”

Despite this warning, no move has been made to stop the sale of slushies to thirsty Oklahomans.

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