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BALTIMORE–(PR NEWSWIRE)–Culta, a Maryland-based medical dispensary company and partner, Oakland-based Cookies, a leading lifestyle and cannabis brand in North America, have together officially launched their 10th product release – a new strain called Sticky Buns.

“Ten drops in and we could not be happier with Culta and the way they represent the Cookies brand as our only partner on the East Coast. We look forward to expanding this relationship and announcing some exciting developments very soon,” Cookies President Parker Berling said of the partnership. 

PR Newswire announced the Culta-Cookies partnership earlier this year, highlighting Culta’s release of Cookies’ strains – Cereal Milk, Cheetah Piss, Gary Payton, Gelato 42, Georgia Pie, and The Soap – at its flagship store, located at 215 Key Highway, Baltimore, Md., 21230.

“Cookies chose Culta because we deliver some of the best quality flower in Maryland and we did not let them down,” said Culta president, CEO, and co-founder, Mackie Barch. “Our cultivators and the Cookies team worked hard to preserve Cookies’ brand integrity through a careful pheno selection process, and every strain passed their strict quality assurance test.”

Through its partnership with Berner and Cookies, Culta is using the famous west coast brand to become established. But the partnership isn’t one-sided; Cookies Enterprises has reached a new market with its product releases in Maryland.

The music scene and culture in Baltimore is legendary and Maryland deserves the best flower.

“The music scene and culture in Baltimore is legendary and Maryland deserves the best flower,” Berner, the founder and CEO of Cookies, explained in a PR Newswire press release. “Taking this extra step with Culta was a no-brainer after seeing that quality is their main focus. I’m looking forward to expanding with Culta and deepening our incredible menu in Maryland.”

The Culta-Cookies partnership makes Culta the only provider of authentic Cookies products for Maryland’s patients, and Cookies’ terpene-rich flowers and extracts have helped Culta build its audience and reputation. But the medical dispensary company has also received attention for its outdoor commercial cannabis harvests.

In October 2019, The Washington Post reported that Culta was the first outdoor harvest on the East Coast. But this year, Culta decided to go bigger and expand to three acres.

While Culta has its year-round indoor grow, it still has the only licensed outdoor farm in the state. The company has also used this flower to create extracts and edibles, offering product that’s Clean Green-certified and grown outdoors, free of pesticides, in no-till, living soil.

“Last year gave us the confidence to double down on people, resources, and technology,” explained Barch. “I am incredibly proud of this team for continuing to innovate cannabis production in Maryland.”

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